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Loving and tender names for boys in 2020

Loving and tender names for boys in 2020

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Most parents search our hearts and minds to find the perfect combination of letters that will give our child a name that will accompany him throughout his long and successful life. We want to give him, in addition to a lot of love and affection, a nickname with which he will be remembered by all the people who come across in his life, and a name with which he is proud. If a baby boy grows in your beautiful belly, congratulations! And here is an advance gift: the names of boys that cause a sensation in 2020.

They are the 'creme de la creme'! New and repeating parents are after attractive names for their children. And, although we do not have a crystal ball where a list of the most popular names of 2020, Yes, we can tell you which ones will be the most desired.

- Alvaro
It began to be used in the Middle Ages and since then it has not stopped being used, although it has had its ups and downs in popularity. Do you want to know a curiosity about this name of Germanic origin (it comes from the word Alwar, which means prudence and protection)? From this name came the surname Álvarez, which would be something like 'Álvaro's son'.

- Diego
It means a well-taught or well-educated name, so it is perfect for parents who want to educate their child in values. You should know that this name comes from Jacob, it is related to Santiago and that in Catalan or Valencian it translates as Dídac. People called this are said to be outgoing and very cheerful, as well as having a passion for different artistic disciplines. Maybe your little one is the new successor of the painter Diego Velázquez or Diego Rivera?

- Hugo
Intelligent, bright, and insightful are the three qualities associated with this four-letter name of Germanic descent. It comes from the word Hug and in English it is very popular by British actor Hugh Grant, which makes him a name with a star. Do you dare to put it on your son to make him shine from the top?

- Leo
This is the shortest male name on the list and, perhaps, due to this characteristic, many parents who love simple nicknames have it as the first option for their little one. It is a Latin name that is related to the lion and symbolizes strength, power and justice. Did you know that in the past it was not accepted as a name and parents had to baptize their children as Leonardo or Leoncio and then abbreviate it from day to day?

- Luke
It has been its variants in other languages ​​(Lucca in Italian; Luc in French; or Luke in English) that have led Lucas's name to be one of the favorites of today's fathers and mothers. He celebrates his saints on October 18, the day in which the Apostle Saint Luke is venerated, and it means 'the one who is above all races'.

- Manuel
It has gone from being a grandfather's name to being a beautiful name that can be heard in playgrounds or ball parks or in nursery schools, colleges and institutes around the world. It is a shortened form of Emmanuel and means 'God is with us' or 'God is with us'. They are said to be very lively and hard-working people, and we couldn't agree more!

- Mario
There have been so many personalities from the world of culture who have worn and wear this name without any shame that it is not surprising that it is one of the most desired and loved with parents in 2020. Mario Beneditti, Mario Vargas Llosa , Mario Camus, Mario Moreno ('Cantinflas') ... It has two very different origins: on the one hand, it is said to be the male variant of Maria, and on the other, it comes from Maris, a name used by the Etruscans to refer to to the God Mars.

We know, selecting the perfect baby name can be daunting. There are so many options available that parents can feel overwhelmed. However, the task can be simplified by opting for a timeless name. Don't worry about what's hot right now. Many of those quirky nicknames will come and go, but the classics will always remain.

- Abraham
The name Abraham is a boy's name of Hebrew origin that means 'father of multitudes'. Abraham is one of the more classic baby names that is still widely used today, popular for its references to both the Bible and American history. Now that names like Ezekiel and Isaiah are returning, why not also take back Abraham for your baby?

- David
Most biblical names stand the test of time, so you should consider David's name as one of your first options. You may remember this as the name of the Old Testament boy who defeated the giant Goliath and who later became the second king of Israel. It's a great inspiration, no doubt! David is a Hebrew name that means beloved. A cute nickname for this is the more casual, hip version, Dave. Your son will be a born leader with a name as masculine and strong as this.

- Enrique
In recent years the name of Enrique (Henry or Harry in English) has been losing a bit of prominence and has been relegated for some generations to members of royal families. It is a German name that means state ruler. It's hard to miss a nickname with such a powerful meaning, right? Some fun variants for this one would be Hank or Harry, like the Duke of Sussex.

- William
During 2018, its diminutive, Liam, has been very fashionable, because different public figures have been in the focus of attention of the media (actor Liam Neeson or singer Liam Payne). To find its origins, you have to travel to German lands. Guillermo means 'protector' and, among the qualities of the children who bear this name, he highlights that they are very observant.

- Michael
We are facing another option that has always been on the lists of names for children, for something, right? Even though it has dropped a bit in popularity, we predict that it will eventually return to first place very soon. It is a Hebrew name, which means 'who is like God'. Of course, some simple diminutives for Miguel include Mike and Mikey. A boy named like that will be friends with everyone he meets, for sure.

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If you want to set a trend and anticipate what will come in the years to come when it comes to the trend of names for boys, nothing like taking a look at the United States and its list of famous people to get some ideas!

- Calvin
You might think that the fame of this name comes from the fashion brand Calvin Klein, but it has become more fashionable lately by the Scottish DJ Calvin Harris. Thanks to him, this Latin name has risen to the top 200 baby names according to the latest popularity charts in the United States. Even though the meaning of Calvin could be considered a possible failure (it means bald), no one will care, as they are comfortable with the welcoming environment that people named like that create.

- Chiwetel
Looking back and going back to the 2014 Oscars ceremony, one of the films that will be remembered forever was '12 Years a Slave ', which won so many awards, including Best Actor for a British Performer, Chiwetel Ejiofor. If you are looking for a unique and unusual name for your future baby, Chiwetel is undoubtedly one of them!

- Jared
If you really can't decide what you love the most, music or movies, then we have the perfect solution for you: Jared. Not only is he famous as the lead singer of the rock band, 30 Thirty Seconds to Mars, Jared Leto has also made stellar performances on the big screen, including his role as a transgender woman in the 2013 film Dallas Buyers Club. Jared is now one of the popular baby names that all parents with an appetite for the arts should have in mind as a top candidate for their son.

- Pharrell
Back to the roots, with a Native American name that means descendant of the brave man. Few may know the real meaning of the name Pharell, but everyone knows his mega hit 'Happy by Pharell Williams. This is a true fashion icon, so Pharell could be perfect for stylish babies and elegant parents who follow the latest fashion trends. Is it your case?

- Zayn
Unique and rare, Zayn is a unisex baby name of Arabic origin that means beautiful. A lovely meaning for an unusual celebrity name that is trending more than ever by former One Direction singer Zayn Malik.

There are names that are valid for both boys and girls. They are called gender, neutral or unisex names. Their origin can be very diverse: they emerged as surnames, but with the passage of time they acquired a new category, or their popularity has been so great that parents have taken them indistinctly for both sexes. In any case, these are fun, original, cute and very curious alternatives. Here you have the most desired!

- Alex
Of English and Greek origin, it means defender or protector of humanity. Alex (short for Alejandro and / or Alejandra) has been and continues to be a popular name for boys. The name began to be more common among girls in the late 1990s and today it is one of the most popular unisex names. A curious fact: Alex is the name of the African lion that escapes from New York's Central Park Zoo in the animated film Madagascar.

- Cameron
There are many Hollywood stars who have chosen this name, such as the actress of 'Something for Mary', Cameron Díaz. Others, like director James Cameron, still wear it in their last name. In any case, it is a Scottish name with a peculiar meaning to take into account when you see your baby's face: 'with a crooked nose'.

- Paris
The name of the capital of France is another example of a unisex name; and so we meet the American director and writer, Paris Barclay, as well as the daughter of the late singer Michael Jackson, Paris Jackson. This is the typical example of how an originally feminine name becomes fashionable among the masculine sex, perhaps due to Greek mythology. And it is that Paris is the Prince of Troy who kidnapped Elena to start the Trojan War.

- Tony
As it happens to Alex, Tony is a diminutive that is used interchangeably to refer to the boys called Antonios or the boys baptized as Antonias. As more and more, the tendency is to look for short names, Tony's name has gained importance for both sexes, although the spelling varies according to the countries (Tony for English speaking and Toni for Spanish language). It is a Latin name meaning 'worthy of praise'.

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What if your little one doesn't show up and the doctor can't 100% assure you that it's a child? What if you have more than one little one in your belly and you wait for the couple? What if in the end the gynecologist has not hit on the sex of the baby and you have a beautiful and just as desired girl?

For all those 'what ifs', we also have a solution from! Do you want to know what are the names for girls that will sneak into the Top 5 of the most frequent during the next year? Aim!

In fifth place we have Mariana, very popular in Mexico; Gabriela follows very closely, who according to the Bible brought the most important message to the Virgin Mary: her motherhood; occupying the bronze position we find Martina, a Latin name that is related to the god of war; ahead is Maria, a classic around the world; and the number 1 of most popular names for girls in 2020 goes to Lucía, the name that remains one of the favorites year after year.

Now you just have to wait until you have your little one in your arms. Happy pregnancy!

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