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Little bird and mother Pajara. Story for parents with unhappy children

Little bird and mother Pajara. Story for parents with unhappy children

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Many times parents think that we are doing well and do not realize that our children feel bad. They are sad and long for a little more attention and, above all, affection. On this occasion, Marisa Alonso Santamaría presents us the story of 'Pajarito y mama Pájara', for parents with children who are not happy. And it is that the sooner we discover the emotional state in which our little ones are, the sooner we can remedy it.

Little bird was not happy. He did not feel loved like the other little birds and that made him suffer a lot.

He learned to fly practically alone. He didn't even know Papa Bird; flew out of the nest. Mamá Pájara was never by his side encouraging him and watching his progress like the other moms did. He was about to kill himself on several occasions without her knowing it. Rarely, very occasionally, did she hug or show him affection. If he was in a bad mood, he would peck him on the head. His mother was not like the others.

Little bird was hungry and thirsty, and miraculously survived that winter by reaching the
scrawny, plucked, pale, and haggard.

Since so much time passed, he only developed a special ability to continue surviving: he sang better than any goldfinch in a hundred meters around. He always sang and did it so well that everyone thought Pajarito was happy.

One afternoon when Mama Pájara arrived at the nest she found it empty. He went looking for him and found him singing in a clearing in the forest; all the animals listened to him ecstatically around. For the first time his mother listened to him carefully. When Pajarito saw Mama Pájara there, his eyes lit up. His mother called him and took him back to the nest, but everything continued the same; indifference and mistreatment were always present in his life.

Pajarito grew up, became famous for his beautiful song, and very from time to time, rarely, he also showed affection to Mama Pájara.

He always sang and did it so well that everyone thought Pajarito was happy.

Although the story is designed for parents to reflect on what education is like with their children, it can also be a tool for children to express whether or not they feel loved by adults and to act on it.

- Who taught Pajarito to fly?

- What did Pajarito's mother do if she was in a bad mood?

- What was Pajarito good at: running, flying or singing?

- Why wasn't Little Bird happy?

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