Influential teachers from Venezuela who teach that education has no limits

Influential teachers from Venezuela who teach that education has no limits

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Education is not something static, but is in continuous movement. Teachers are aware of this and that is why it is increasingly common to find 2.0 teachers on the web. Do you want to meet the best Influential teachers from Venezuela who teach that education has no limits and that you always have to be at the forefront?

Education helps us to be who we are. Thanks to the education we receive in our schools and universities, we can train as free thinkers, people of values ​​and professionals who contribute to the world, also leaving a contribution to our country of origin. But it also offers us the opportunity to fully develop our skills, making us discover our own talents that will help us be successful in the future.

Education is a complex and beautiful world, but above all it is necessary from the moment children even begin to speak. Homeschooling is just the first step into this world of teaching and learning that you may be a part of for a lifetime. Especially if you choose to share all that learned knowledge with future generations as teachers or teachers.

The technological vanguard reaches everywhere and education is no exception to the rule. Every time there is a way to mix technology with learning, but a special environment has also been created in the cyberspace where we can find influencers of education offering us essential tips for academic life or to practice with children at home.

As well as teachers who have taken their contribution further, in offering Internet users the possibilities of training in professional careers through masters, courses and online training. So now, education has crossed the barriers of the digital age to settle in it.

Today's students are looking for more practical solutions for their learning and thanks to YouTube tutorials, Instagram post, blog articles, practical exercises on the web, etc. It is for that reason that more and more professors and teachers seek to have a presence on the internet, so they can provide you with quality academic information based on their own expertise.

With this, they also achieve that students find extra motivation in their studies and an ease of autonomous learning at home and that parents see these teachers as a help to solve their doubts. Do you want to meet the most outstanding 2.0 teachers in Venezuela? Keep reading!

Naida Saavedra
She is a university professor of Spanish language and Latin American literature, co-founder of an electronic journal, literary critic and editorial advisor. Her training in Advertising and Public Relations, as well as in Latin American Literature, has taken her far in her career, with several e-books on Amazon and some talks that can be enjoyed through her blog. Essential!

Nelson Torres Jimenez
An irreverent professor of literature of the Latin-Greek language and Postgraduate in PsychoNeuroLinguistics, whose knowledge is distributed in a series of books about psychology and literature and how they are mixed with each other. But definitely his most popular and acclaimed work is "The Revenge of the Unconscious", a funny plot of the adventures of our unconscious on a daily basis. He also has a renowned professional career in the professional field of psychology in Venezuela.

Luis Vicente Leon
A name known in Venezuela for actively participating in the country's economic policy, being consecrated as an economy critic, which we can follow on Twitter. However, he is also known for his career as an economics professor in Venezuela and for having a very long and impressive professional training in this field.

Karine Gil
Music teacher and entrepreneur in this same field by creating her own music school under her name, both in Venezuela and in the United States, where she currently resides and where she offers all her information through her blog. He has represented the country in various international recitals and has given his knowledge in national private classes. But perhaps the most curious fact about this music teacher is that she has a background as a biologist and ecologist.

Jose Rafael Briceño
A fun theater and public speaking professor with a long career in Venezuela, not only for his talent on stage and his training workshops, but also for having been the public speaking teacher of the Miss Venezuela contestants and for being one of the most popular comedians. beloved of the country, where humor meets his beloved profession. He also has a radio program in the capital of Venezuela, a website where we can learn more about his work and his Instagram profile, where he makes us laugh whenever he can.

In this section, we will meet great women dedicated to the profession of teaching for children, who in their most important age of life, need all the possible knowledge to be able to face the world, which for them is enormous and often fun but also intimidating.

These women not only use traditional teaching methods Instead, they give their classes an interesting twist with games, dynamics and activities so that the little ones can learn everything in the most efficient way for them: Playing!

Claudia Liscano
El saloncito de la mae clau is the instagram account of this fun children's educator. In it we can find from videos about their experiences with the children in their class, the work that is done in it, to tips for teaching through recreational activities, without leaving aside the responsibility of academic learning. We can also find motivational messages for the same teachers and inspirations that can even be done at home.

Carolina Alfonzo
Although this incredible woman is a university professor, her greatest passion is advising early childhood teachers in their quest to educate children of integrity. So on your instagram profile we can find tips and activities that promote early childhood education in a simple and fun way for children, as well as tips to help children with their educational fears and frustrations and the importance of feeling proud of each work done by them.

Kadina Paez
Psychopedagogue and special education teacher, her Instagram profile made me very moving, since she shows in it her passion and dedication for the teaching, care and growth of children who have some type of cognitive commitment or disability. A task that, although it involves a lot of work, she offers simple tips to achieve it in an easy way for teachers and fun for children, so over time they can become great people.

Karla Atúnez
With a Master's degree in initial education and a remarkable passion as a blogger, this Venezuelan teacher takes her early childhood education message and tactics to achieve it effectively all over the world through her Instagram account and YouTube channel. He stands out for talking about the best topics to teach in the classroom, how to evaluate them, motivation for children, how to help them overcome their problems and some learning tips to take home.

Rosa Larrauri
Educator and parenting consultant, this Venezuelan influencer is currently living in Peru, but she brings all her little students valuable lessons with Venezuelan character. However, her greatest passion is in empowering girls from an early age to be great women. He offers himself the best parenting tips for parents and some teaching tips for teachers on his Instagram account.

Without a doubt, some exemplary teachers who deserve all our admiration and respect.

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