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Children's stories to put children to sleep

Children's stories to put children to sleep

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There is nothing better than a story to relax and reassure babies and children when it comes to going to bed. In We have selected the best children's stories so that parents can provide a cozy, quiet and calm moment for their children, when they go to bed to sleep. They are stories that captivate the little ones and that at the same time help them to fall asleep more easily.

It is very common for children, especially the most restless and hyperactive, to have difficulties going to bed and falling asleep. Stories, in these cases, are a resource that works quite well because it combines the pleasure of listening to a story to being accompanied by your mother or father. Telling stories to children at bedtime is a habit that our site defends and suggests for families because in addition to relaxing children, it creates emotional ties and reassures both children and their parents.

Thinking about it, we have selected some stories that cannot be missed at children's bedtime. Of course, there are a lot of books with extraordinary stories that are suitable for bedtime, but if you haven't had time to go to a bookstore or library, here are some stories that you can read to your children and enjoy that unique moment in Your day.

Tell that story of the Ugly Duckling, of the writer Hans Christian Andersen, to your children, and teach them that we are all different and that we should respect each other. It does not matter what skin color or race a person has. We must look at his heart, his values ​​and good attitudes.

A beautiful and tender story that a mother has sent us: The Snail Gustavillo. Talk about a snail that lived at the bottom of the sea, and the importance of the rules of coexistence, respect, to share a house. We hope you like it!

Learning to value the little ones is one of the great teachings of this precious tale of The song of the nightingale. Happiness does not reside in possessing wealth and goods, but in simple moments that are often invisible gifts to the eyes.

Having and nurturing dreams or desires are essential tasks for those who want to achieve happiness. Carrying dreams on your back keeps hope alive, the will to live. With this pretty tale of The goblin with the backpack of dreams, children will learn how important it is to have dreams.

What is it to be obedient? When should children be obedient? For all the teachings that we can transmit to children to be effective, from values ​​to knowing where the danger is, they must listen to us and pay attention to us. This tale of Micaela and the fairy of obedience talk about it.

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