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Before entering the WhatsApp groups of parents, make this reflection

Before entering the WhatsApp groups of parents, make this reflection

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There are things that we fear and that we simply walk away from them. There are things we want and we get as close to them as we can. However, when both emotions occur at the same time, fear and love, things get complicated for us! That is what I think happens to us with dreaded and beloved parent whatsapp groups. I'm right? I recommend that before entering one of them, make this reflection that I expose you below, for the good of your children!

The first question that I ask myself and that we should ask ourselves before entering and accepting the WhatsApp group is: Why do I want to be in this group?

There are several possible answers: because it is a group that gives me information or because it is a group with whom I usually meet to go out from time to time or it is my group to play sports or because it is a family group or because it is the group of the class of my son… TA-CHAN! We have come to the kit with the question of what I want to address in this article: The WhatsApp groups of our children's class.

And the question is very clear and direct: Why do you want to belong to this group? And now, with your hand on your heart, you can answer:

- To be informed of the duties that they give my son.

- Only to organize activities with other parents in the class and thus fraternize with them.

- To control my son's homework.

- To know when the birthday of the children in the class is.

- To control what my son has to do regarding his studies.

- To organize the afternoon: will I have a lot of homework to do? How much time will I have to spend studying with my child?

- To know the opinion of other parents regarding the studies of our children.

- To know how my son behaves in class (according to comments from other parents).

Be [email protected] and look at the answers you have chosen with perspective. And deep down, tell me something ... Do all the answers contain the fear that your child is not at the level you want, and that is why you have to know what happens in order to continue protecting him? Even the birthday question (which seems innocuous) would be based on fear. 'In case your child's birthday celebration is not up to the standards of other children…'.

And it is that, with this simple gesture of belonging to the WhatsApp group we are, on the one hand, overprotecting our son and on the other, telling him we don't trust him.

In the first case, because that way we know what happens and also, we can be our son's broom car. We get to study with them or organize the afternoon for them or plan their homework. Despite having an agenda for it.

And on the other hand, we send you messages of: 'I study with you, because I don't think you're capable of doing it alone', or 'I have to explain what you gave this morning in class because you are very clueless' or 'this is difficult for you to understand by yourself ...'.

For any of the two situations exposed or the one that happens to your child, remember to teach him enough resources so that he can study alone or so that he learns to be attentive in class or not to be clueless; learn to plan and organize, etc. But above all, remember to show him how it is done, so he will learn faster. You are his best example of learning!

And now, if you have to enter the WhatsApp group of parents of your child's classmates, enter ... but with awareness of what you want to use it for.

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