A mother's surprise for her son's back to school that you will copy

A mother's surprise for her son's back to school that you will copy

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At home we have established a tradition to welcome the beginning of the school year: on the first day of school, dad, mom, eldest daughter and youngest daughter we go to the centennial churrería of the neighborhood for breakfast. Something simple, but that makes that first early morning more bearable. And, as each mother has her tools, from this course I will copy the funny idea of ​​an American mother for her son's back to school: customize a t-shirt. Do you want to know what it consists of?

For parents with young children, the back-to-school season can come with mixed emotions. While many parents find it exciting to see their child carry the backpack on their back while waving goodbye before crossing the school gate, it is also a sign that another year has passed and that their not-so-young child is growing.

Carina Cansino, a mother from Dallas, Texas, created an adorable back to school tradition for her 5 year old and we couldn't resist sharing it with you and ... to 'steal it'! She made an oversized t-shirt that your child will wear on the first day of school each year. Now it is too big for him, but the little one will grow up and then it will look great.

On the front of the shirt is drawn the year in which little Gus will graduate from high school, 2032, but the most emotional thing (take out the tissues because you will be excited) is in the special detail that is in the part Back of T-shirt: A place for Gus to get his handprint on the first day of school each year, documenting his progression from kindergarten to high school.

'I wanted something that my son and I could enjoy not just now, but as an adult. I'm a fan of sentimental memorabilia and valuables, so I know this would be perfect, 'said the boy's mother, adding: 'I know that one day we will both look at all the photos again and cherish all the good memories. It's the best part of being a mother. '

Along with the personalized first day of school shirt, Cansino started a journal that he will give to his son when he graduates from high school. Another great moment! 'I started writing it at the same time that I gave him the shirt and in it I share stories, memories and difficulties that we have overcome together. You will be able to read it after graduation, until then it will stay with me, 'he explains. 'I was a teenage mother, and my son has been the driving force behind all my achievements. I want him to see what it has meant to me. '

If you want to be like Carina or as a servant and make the beginning of the school year unforgettable for your little one, here are a few inspiring ideas that can help you!

- Who usually takes and picks up the child from school? If you do not do either of the two trips because work prevents you, a good idea may be that you take that day to accompany him at this time.

- Something that can be very cool is to create an amulet, a bracelet of threads that will keep you together symbolically. When either of you are sad, you will look at her and immediately a smile will be drawn on your face. You will feel closer to each other.

- You can also establish the tradition of organizing an afternoon of popcorn and movies. The title can vary or be always the same. Surely you get different readings over the years.

- What is your little one's favorite food? That's what will be on your plate when you get home to eat after your first day of school!

If you have your own back-to-school tradition, don't hesitate to share it with us. We will be delighted to read you!

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