Starting school on the right foot and improving children's education is possible

Starting school on the right foot and improving children's education is possible

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That children start the new school year in the best possible way is the wish of all parents: We all dream of a happy return to school in which children start this new stage full of enthusiasm and optimism, but what if we told you that returning to the classroom is not just the first day and that it is a vital moment for the development of the course? And it is in the first weeks where it is marked how the rest of the year will develop. Do we see together some tips to start school on the right foot and also improve the education of your children? Let's go there!

What parent doesn't want their kids to get off to a good start in school and stay that way until it's over? But for this to be the case, we must do our part and do it from the last days of summer until the end of the course.

The little ones observe everything we do. If we get stressed in the morning, they will get stressed too; If we speak negatively about our day to day, they will become pessimistic people, but what happens if we do it the other way around? Well, the return to school and the education of our children will be the best there is. Follow the tips that we leave here and you will leave doubts.

1. Create good habits and routines every morning
The habits and routines that are created in the first weeks of school are what will be carried out throughout the year. Do you remember those days when you woke up on the wrong foot? It costs you horrors to straighten the day to be in a good mood. Well the same happens in this case. If these habits and routines are not adequate, that is, if children start classes on the wrong foot, it will be very difficult to change as the year progresses.

2. Establish a study routine in the afternoon.
We start with good habits every morning in which rush and stress have no place, and we continue with good homework routines when we get home in the afternoon. How to do it? Very easy! Depending on your child walking through the door, whether he's coming from school, after school, or from the park, allow him some free time to change clothes, play games, or sit on the couch.

Once you've cleared your mind, it's time to ask what chores you need to do. They should be accompanied and helped to resolve all doubts, but they also have to give them space and autonomy to do their things alone and it goes without saying that there is nothing to go to WhatsApp groups to ask if they have to do this or that exercise . The little ones must learn to be responsible for their duties.

No homework because it's still too small? Great! We have more time to read a story about their age with them.

3. Behave at school properly
It is not irrelevant to review with the children in the first days of class that we must respect others; that if someone does something to us that we don't like, we have to tell the teacher; that you have to raise your hand in class before speaking and that we have to take care of all the school supplies. They are rules that they had already learned from last year, but that with so many summer days are forgotten.

4. What extra-school activity do you want to join?
The course begins and a few days later the sheet with the extra-school activities arrives. Which one do you want to sign up for? It is the first question we should ask our son if he is already in primary school; if it's still in child, you don't need to sign up for anything.

The fact is that this type of complementary activities should be chosen by the child, parents only have to be by their side to listen to them and to tell them that whatever they choose should be to their liking and that if it is also something related to the sport better than better, without forgetting the importance of continuing to learn a second language.

And when leaving school ...
Children, and this is essential to start the course on the right foot, must have several free moments in the afternoons. One of them, undirected free play time in the park, and another for reading, looking at pictures, doing crafts, or anything else with mom and dad. It is in those moments that we can talk in a friendly way about how their day has gone and also tell them about our day.

Starting school on the right foot and improving children's education is possible. Now you know how to do it!

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