Mother tricks for a successful return to school for children

Mother tricks for a successful return to school for children

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In summer the little ones spend the whole day playing and doing endless super fun activities. What happens when it's time to go back to school? Well, the same thing that happens to us adults when our holidays are over and we have to work again. It's all uphill! Here are a few Mother's tips and tricks to get the children back to school be as calm as possible.

I remember last year when the end of the holidays approached, my son kept counting (reluctantly) the days that were left before he had to go back to school. Of course he was looking forward to seeing his friends and colleagues, but having to get up early, do homework and not being able to play all day was a whole world.

At home we managed it as best we could, but since we were left with the feeling that something more could be done, I decided to talk it over with the super moms in the neighborhood. The result, these wise and wonderful tricks where they exist. Follow them too and you will see that going back to school is not as bad as it seems.

1. Adjust the schedules at home a few days before the holidays are over
During the holidays that boys and girls usually go to bed and get up at whatever time they please, even lunch and dinner times are changed. A week before the start of classes, gradually resume the routine of picking up the little ones at a specific time and doing the same when night comes.

In the same way, that the time to make meals is more or less the same each day and that the diet is healthy and balanced. Cut out ultra-processed foods and foods with excess sugar, as it will only make them even more irritable. With these two simple gestures, mind and body prepare for when classes resume.

2. Spend time with your family
I know that you know very well that spending exclusive time (without looking at your mobile) with the family is important for everyone. Well, it is something that you should not neglect when you return to school, since they are the days when they are most nervous. How to do it with all the things that have to be prepared ?, you ask. Very simple, organize everything you need to go back to school on time, you will avoid last minute stresses and you will be able to be next to your children to transmit calm and serenity.

3. Positive attitude to everything
Children are nervous about going back to school, and so are parents! And is that any change in routine makes everyone at home more restless, right? What I discovered when talking to the other moms is that having a positive attitude helps young and old alike. Talk about school naturally and show the child that he can talk as much as he wants to share with others how he feels.

Going back to school is not just the first day, that strange feeling that children notice, especially the little ones, when they go back to school and leave leisure days behind can last several weeks. Don't let your guard down! If you want a happy return to school and a motivated start to the year and one hundred percent prepared, follow these mother tricks:

- Ask your son how his day went but, be careful, if he doesn't want to talk, don't force him or assume that he has had a bad time.

- Set the alarm clock at the right time so that you can do everything without rushing.

- Don't be late to school on the first day or the second, but don't be half an hour early either.

- Give them the support and unconditional love they need. A hug says more than a thousand words!

- Be patient if he is more restless at home. Going back to school is a process that sometimes takes time to adapt.

Going back to school with a smile on your face is possible!

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