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What yoga poses to avoid in pregnancy

What yoga poses to avoid in pregnancy

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He prenatal yoga it is a moment of pause and a time for future mothers to connect with their bodies and understand all the physiological, anatomical and emotional changes that are happening. It is a highly recommended activity, but at the time of the woman's life in which it is carried out, certain precautions must be taken. These are the yoga poses that you should avoid in pregnancy.

The body during pregnancy is doing a wonderful and powerful job of growing a baby. Therefore, the quality of care a pregnant woman receives will allow her to relax and help her to trust her and her abilities on the day of delivery.

In a prenatal yoga class, all poses are specifically designed for pregnancy, both for women who have had a regular practice and those who have never practiced before. The objective of prenatal yoga is to find a moment of pause in the day, to release physical tension in the muscles and joints, but also to release emotions, therefore it is important to practice in a gentle, respectful way and take the classes calmly.

If we do not have any medical contraindications, all women can do prenatal yoga after the first trimester. Of course, we must take into account some tips and avoid some positions:

1. Abdominal flexion postures
The first and most important suggestion is to avoid any posture that puts pressure on the abdomen, such as deep-flex postures that compress the belly.

2. Lying prone postures
It is clear that the belly cannot and should not support any weight. Apart from being a very uncomfortable posture, especially from the second trimester, it would create an overload and overexertion and would be dangerous for the health of both mother and baby.

3. Postures lying on your back
When a pregnant woman is lying on her back, the fetus and all organs can compress the inferior vena cava, reducing blood flow to the heart and oxygen to the mother's organs as well as the baby.

4. Inverted postures
Obviously, the risk of falling is important, that is why they are not recommended positions for pregnant women.

5. Deep extension postures
As the pregnancy progresses and the weight of the future mother's belly becomes evident, it is important to pay close attention to the position that is adopted at all times. Discomfort in the lower back and lumbar area can be intensified, which is why extension positions can be counterproductive, since they intensify the lumbar curvature and pressure on the sacrum.

It is not recommended that a pregnant woman use pranayamas do not hold your breath at any time during the practice. This could weaken the muscles involved in childbirth, especially the pelvic floor, and block the main muscle of breathing. The diaphragm can create fatigue and prevent the state of relaxation that we seek so much in the practice of Prenatal yoga.

Instead of controlling the breath, we should suggest to women that they release their breath, with long sighs, thus promoting a freer mind and fostering calm. Natural breathing is vital, since through it the future mother connects with her body, but also with her baby.

If we use a special breathing technique for yoga practice, we disconnect the primitive part, that is, the instinctive part of our brain, and this is the one that has to predominate on the day of delivery so that all work flows naturally.

These are all recommendations and, of course, Any posture adapted to pregnancy could be done as long as it is comfortable for the woman, especially if you don't have previous experience. That is why it is very important to follow your intuition and stop whenever you need to. It is also essential to look for specialized teachers who adapt each position to each moment of pregnancy and according to the limits of each person, thus benefiting the entire process of pregnancy and the moment of delivery.

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