4 games for children to learn to dress themselves according to Montessori

4 games for children to learn to dress themselves according to Montessori

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What kid doesn't like to play ... Everyone loves it! And, in addition, the game is the best learning tool. Therefore, this time we introduce you to the best games for children to learn to dress themselves based on the Montessori method. And, as you already know, there is nothing better than promoting the autonomy and learning of the smallest of the house, always from a respectful and playful point of view. Ready to put it into practice tomorrow? You will see that you get the best results with your children.

Dressing and undressing is a challenge for your little one, something that at first he will see as a wonderful novelty. Surely your son has surprised you at some time when you were going to put his shoes on and he has told you: 'I want to put them on myself', of course, according to what they discover that this of putting on pants, sweater, shirt and sneakers it's going to be something every day, they start to lose interest.

And it is this lack of interest (putting on and taking off their clothes several times a day is very boring for them) coupled with the rush to leave home to go to school or go to bed on time, that can make them a task as simple as this ends up being a headache for the children and their parents.

How can we get our children to dress themselves and do it well and on time? And by this we mean that they do not take a lot of time to put on all their clothes and that they do it without being angry, tantrums and other things that children usually do when we are in a hurry to get to work on time.

The answer, as he tells us the Montessori method, is in teaching them to dress through play. It will be so that their interest does not wane and that they will in turn be able to internalize this task properly. Can we see some examples of Montessori games together for the little ones to learn to dress themselves? Let's go there!

1. We put on jeans ...
A very simple game that you can do at home with your child in a relaxed environment where rush has no place. Tell your child to go to his closet and grab a pair of jeans or whatever you want. You go to your closet and do the same. Now it's just a matter of each one putting on their own.

That's it, that's how easy you start dressing yourself. Once you've caught their attention, that day or another time, continue with the same game and add a shirt, socks and a sweater. You will see that it is a success.

2. The game of dressing tables
Another good idea to improve fine motor skills and learn to fasten clothes is to get hold of a Montessori dress-up game, for example, dress boards or racks are indicated so that they can learn to fasten buttons, zippers, buckles or laces that, as already you know, they are one of the things that cost him the most.

3. It's time to dress up and play
You have already practiced at home the afternoon before, it is time to dress for school and your child gets lazy, because nothing like turning it into a game. It can be a race to see who puts on all the clothes first (I did this a lot with my little one when he started to dress alone and it gave me good results), put on each garment in an order or even get dressed while your favorite song plays in the background . The point is to teach them that they have to prepare for school and that they have to do it on time, but that does not mean that it should be a boring task.

4. It is time for everyone to choose their clothes
The night before, to avoid the typical rush in the morning, tell your little one to go to the closet and prepare the clothes that he will wear the next day. Give him some basic instructions such as that the shirt must be short-sleeved because it is hot, but beyond that, he can make the choice he wants. Being able to choose will give you autonomy and make you feel older. They are all advantages!

To finish we only have to see some extra tips that will help you see everything much easier:

- Respect your child's rhythms. There are children who learn to dress themselves in a few days and others who find it a little more difficult. The rush and the hassles will be of no use to you.

- Remind him when it is time to dress or undress and do so in good time.

- If you see that he needs help or he asks for it himself, do not hesitate to give it to him.

- If one day he tells you that you want to dress him, do it, the next day he will take on this task with more enthusiasm.

- Avoid comparisons with other children, this only results in frustration and discomfort.

- Choose comfortable clothing that is easy to put on and take off and that it also has bright colors to attract your attention.

- Allow as much as possible to choose the clothes that you will wear each day including the coat and shoes.

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