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5 recommended yoga poses in the third trimester of pregnancy

5 recommended yoga poses in the third trimester of pregnancy

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The final stretch arrives and we become more and more aware of the moment of delivery. A cascade of emotions, from joy to fear, can arise in the last months of pregnancy. Concerned about our ability to give birth, it is a time in which we need to feel informed and safe and for this the practice of yoga, relaxation and meditation can help us. These are the 5 recommended yoga poses in the third trimester of pregnancy.

The weight of our gut when we reach the last trimester of pregnancy can cause us some discomfort typical of this moment. The compression of the diaphragm can make it difficult to breathe, as all the organs are more compressed and, due to the increase in blood volume, we can experience swelling problems in the legs and feet. To reduce these sensations, we recommend some yoga poses that will make you feel better while you wait for the great outcome.

Downward Facing Dog Pose with Chair
A wonderful posture to give mobility to our entire spine, generate intercostal space and release tension in the shoulders. Find a chair and place it with the seat facing us. We will put our hands on the edges of the seat of the chair and we will walk gently backwards, with the knees slightly bent to release the pelvis. With the heels off the ground, we will progressively lengthen the entire spine. To get out of the posture, we will walk forward returning to the vertical.

Circular pelvic movements
This movement relieves the baby's pressure on the blood vessels and nerves in the lower pelvis and thighs. It is a position that provides a lot of mobility to the lower abdomen, helps to relieve tension in the lower back and prepares the pelvis for the day of delivery. From the cat position, we will place the forearms on the ground and release the head. We will begin to make small circles with the pelvis, inviting the whole body to enter the movement and trying to expand the circle more and more.

Saddle Warrior Pose (Virabhadrasana II)
A posture that strengthens the back, legs and ankles, but above all lubricates and stimulates the clenching of the groin and pelvis. We place a chair in the center of the mat and sit in the front. We stretch one leg behind, making sure that both feet are well supported on the ground. Inhaling we open our arms in a cross and exhaling we soften the shoulders, belly and mouth. To get out, we slide the back leg and join the two legs and repeat on the other side.

Restorative posture
Passive postures are very important and very beneficial in late pregnancy. Physical and mental well-being is essential for you to live your pregnancy in a healthy way. Therefore, taking moments of rest and reducing the stress level is very important in prenatal yoga classes so that we can gestate and prepare our body and mind optimally. It is an invitation to find ourselves, slowing down our breath to make us aware of our interior and our baby.

Lie on your back or on your side, depending on how comfortable you are at the time. In this position the body temperature tends to drop, so it is convenient to have a blanket to cover us. We place a blanket under the head and another under the legs, if we are on our back or between the legs if we are lying on our side. We allow the breath to soak all the places in our body and reach our baby, allowing our body to gain weight. We remain silent for a moment with mindfulness on our breathing.

All postures should always always be performed with care and respect, towards ourselves and our baby. If we notice any discomfort or discomfort, it is preferable to undo the posture or ask for help to adapt it according to the possibilities and limitations that we experience at all times. Remember that your body is in permanent change during pregnancy And it is recommended, for the practice to be beneficial, perform the postures with a yoga teacher specialized in prenatal yoga.

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