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The cool fashion of organizing mixed baby showers (yes, with men)

The cool fashion of organizing mixed baby showers (yes, with men)

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Who said the baby shower was only for women? Although it is not a written law, for many years, this celebration was reserved exclusively for the women of the family and close friends of the future mother, leaving the men completely excluded from the panorama because this 'was not a thing for men'. Yet it's catching on the cool fashion of organizing mixed baby showers, to which women and men go together.

I have personally been part of a couple of them and they have been incredible! So there is no reason to dismiss men at baby showers or withdraw the invitation from male friends and family.

In my opinion, I believe that involving parents both in the organization and in the development of the party is extremely beneficial to strengthen the bond of the couple, especially in this sensitive stage and motivation as a future father. Also generates in them a high level of confidence by feeling useful and needed to help, even with his future role of dad.

Many do not say it out loud, but by not involving them in the details related to their future baby (even if they are simple or you think they are not of interest to them) it can hurt them, since feel displaced and unsure of their own capacity. The more you take into account your partner in all aspects related to his baby, the better he will adapt in the future.

Let's now look at some ideas for men to participate in these prenatal celebrations too.

1. Organization
You can ask your partner to meet with an event consultant who takes into account the opinion and likes of both to integrate it into a single result. Or take the reins of the matter and organize a baby shower yourself according to your preferences, taking into account the tastes of the other.

A good recommendation is that you ask your partner what he would like to do for the baby shower, that way you can have a clearer idea and look for options to show him and have a better perspective of how it would look or how they could adapt it to taste. from both. After all, the possibilities are endless, so you can get her interested in looking for ideas on her own.

2. Decoration
Many men tend to disengage from this aspect because they do not feel capable of visualizing something or because they believe that others will not like it. But don't be afraid to ask her opinion on the decorations and theme she would like to have for the baby shower.

A good idea is that you consider something different. For example, a barbecue or barbecue is a neutral celebration where everyone can enjoy and where your partner may feel more comfortable. And why not?

3. Food
Traditionally, when we think of a baby shower, we imagine a quiet gathering, like a Sunday breakfast with cakes or an afternoon of tea, very delicate and classic. However, you can use your imagination alongside your husband's and change this completely.

Look for options that are delicious and healthy, like a tray of sweet and savory snacks, as well as interesting drinks like cocktails or nonalcoholic sparklers to celebrate.

4. Games
This is the part where your partner can get more involved to make the party fun. You can ask him to come up with some fun ideas that he can do with his friends, with you, or for the other guests. Even if your partner is more outgoing, you can be creative with karaoke, role-playing, miming, guessing the character, or skits. Thus enjoying a different and fun time together.

5. Together is better
Remember that it is not about prioritizing the tastes of one over the other, but about finding a balance where both can have their essence in a baby shower that is, precisely of both as a couple and as future parents.

One last good recommendation is that you take some time to discuss your baby shower plans and find a common taste, such as nature, books, a musical genre, movies, comics, that can serve as a theme and inspiration to create the baby. ideal shower where you can involve any man.

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