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Nausea in pregnancy reduces breast cancer risk

Nausea in pregnancy reduces breast cancer risk

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Annoying, uncomfortable, unpleasant ... There are almost no adjectives to describe the bad feeling that morning sickness causes in pregnant women. Some women are lucky and do not experience them in the first person, but others have to 'endure' them until the fourth or fifth month of pregnancy (there are also those who suffer them until the moment of giving birth). If this is your case, as was mine, perhaps after you read this information you will not see the negative side of these discomforts in pregnancy, and according to a study nausea in pregnancy reduces the risk of breast cancer.

This study, echoed by Odile Fernández in her book 'My child eats healthy', reaches this conclusion after various experts conducted a survey of almost 3,000 women, of whom 1,000 had been diagnosed with this disease.

They took physical data and of all of them, the one that stood out the most was the fact that the interviewees had suffered nausea or vomiting during pregnancy. Apparently, there could be a reduction of up to 30% less chance of developing cancer.

Much research has been done and continues to be done on nausea. Some of the most recent ones also speak of morning sickness in this period of a woman's life may be associated with a high IQ in babies. The experts came to this conclusion after IQ tests on mothers with and without morning sickness, and the results reflected this evidence.

Another report that tries to find an explanation for this discomfort of the pregnant woman speaks of the fact that nausea in pregnancy they could be related to a lower risk of miscarriage.

In any case, it is a discomfort that can affect 80% of women, which in most cases disappears when reaching week 24 -if luckily 12- and which, in cases where Those that affect severely - it is known as hyperemesis gravidarum - can lead to weight loss and dehydration and a control by the gynecologist and / or midwife is needed.

Although the origin of the nausea is not known and, even, it is pointed to multifactors, some theories affirm that this annoyance tries to protect the mother so that she does not eat inappropriate foods at this time of her life. They would be like a warning before harmful substances for her and for the baby and perhaps thus the rejection of coffee or certain fats is understood.

In any case, from Guiainfantil.com We want to give you some tips that will help you reduce nausea or, at least, mitigate this discomfort a bit. Take note of the following home remedies!

- Take cold food
And is that hot food can trigger vomiting reflux.

- Drink something after waking up
An empty stomach increases the feeling of wanting to vomit, which is why some women have some food on their bedside table to eat before even getting out of bed. Something that many feel better with is a glass of water and a few drops of lemon. Test it!

- Redistribute meals
Another homemade trick to alleviate nausea is to eat little, but do it several times a day.

- Check what you eat
There are foods that, due to their algae load of fats, are quite harmful at this time, so we advise you to avoid fried foods, barbecues or grills.

- Alíate the toast
Although it should be noted that they are not very healthy foods, especially if it is white bread, many women have confessed that taking crackers or toast reduces morning sickness.

- Consume ginger
And finally, take ginger infused, capsules or in your usual meal.

Each pregnant woman and each pregnancy is different, so these tips may vary from one moment to another or from one woman to another. You know your body and you have to know what feels good to you or what makes your stomach sick. Happy pregnancy!

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