Short dictations on friendship for children to review spelling

Short dictations on friendship for children to review spelling

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Sometimes it is not easy to find material to prepare dictations according to the age and tastes of the little ones. That is why in Guiainfantil.com We have compiled a few short dictations on friendship for you to do at home with your children or with your elementary students. We propose exercises of thematic dictations for children to review spelling and reinforce the grammatical rules studied in school. In addition, this activity will allow them to learn to write well and improve concentration, memory and reading comprehension. Let's see them!

We are going to start this compilation of thematic dictations on friendship with three famous poems. They all contain some of the basic spelling rules that children learn in primary school.

Remember that for children to be able to do these exercises well, you must read them slowly and emphasize the most difficult words. You can even read it a second time when they have already written it by way of review. Have the green pen ready to point out everything they have put right when you go to correct it.

1. Excerpt from 'Some friendships are eternal' by Pablo Neruda

Sometimes you find in life

a special friendship:

that someone who when entering your life

it changes it completely.

That someone who makes you laugh incessantly;

that someone who makes you believe that in the world

there are really good things.

That someone who convinces you

that there is a ready door

for you to open.

2. Excerpt from 'Friendship' by Carlos Castro Saavedra

Friendship is the same as a hand

that in another hand supports his fatigue

and feel that fatigue is mitigated

and the way becomes more humane.

The sincere friend is the brother

clear and elemental like the spike,

like bread, like the sun, like the ant

that mistakes honey for summer.

3. Excerpt from 'Friendship Poem' by Octavio Paz

Friendship is a river and a ring.

The river flows through the ring.

The ring is an island in the river.

The river says: before there was no river, then only river.

Before and after: what erases friendship.

Do you delete it? The river flows and the ring is formed.

These phrases that talk about friendship are perfect to prepare dictations, to reflect on everything that having a good friend close to us gives us and they are also ideal to illustrate from behind with a beautiful drawing made by your children.

4. 'Without words, friend; It had to be without words how you understood me. ' José Hierro.

5. 'The friends you have and whose friendship you have already put to the test, hook them to your soul with steel hooks.' William Shakespeare.

6. 'The tree of life is communication with friends; fruit, rest and trust in them. ' Francisco de Quevedo.

7. 'Don't walk in front of me, I may not follow you. Don't walk behind me, I may not be a guide. Just walk by my side and be my friend. ' Albert Camus.

8. 'The best way to destroy an enemy is do it my friend'. Abraham Lincoln.

9. 'You can make a lot more friends in two months by being genuinely interested in other people than you can in two years by trying to make other people interested in you.' Bernard Meltzer.

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Now it's the turn of these fun thematic dictations that talk about friendship. The first one is a dialogue, ideal for learning the use of scripts. The second is a story of a gang of animals that lives in the jungle, with it we will review various grammar rules. And the third will help us delve into the use of punctuation marks.

10. -Mom, those children have told me that I can't play with them.- Carlos says to his mother with a worried face.

-Well ... See if you have to wear a cap to play.- His mother answers, who knows that these things are for children and a bit temporary.

-Guys, I already have my cap, now I can play with you? - Carlos asks the group of friends who are about to start playing ball.

-Okay, but because it's a very nice cap.- Marta answers.

11. Carlos kicks the ball with joy and looks at his mother with a knowing face. And that was how a great friendship began between them that it would last a lifetime.

12. The lion, the cobra and the chimpanzee are about to take a long walk through the savannah when suddenly they see their friend the leopard who has been trapped by a hunter's stocks. Neither short nor lazy go to work to help you. When they succeed, the grateful leopard decides to join the walk and invite the gang to have tea with delicious pastries.

13. For me friendship is being able to talk with friends when I'm sad. Only that? You will ask yourself. No, it is not only that. Friendship also means sharing the good times, especially when you feel like laughing! And you? How would you define friendship?

Perhaps this is a good way to end thematic dictations by asking the children to write down how they would define friendship.

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