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Meaning of the name José. Name for boys

Meaning of the name José. Name for boys

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Dear parents, you are not alone. You are not the only ones having such a hard time choosing what to call the baby on the way. Knowing how complicated it is to only have one or two names for boys, in we have proposed to give you a hand. Below, you will be able to discover all the details of such a popular and beautiful name as José. Do you want to know what is the meaning of the name José? And its origin? And do you know who are the personalities that have also carried it? We tell you everything!

José is a name of Hebrew origin, according to its etymology. We have to speak of 'Ioseph' or 'Iosephus' as the starting point of the name Joseph. From this root, it has evolved in different ways, but all of them similar, in different countries of the world.

Taking a look at our guide to names for boys, we find that the meaning of Joseph is closely related to religion. It means 'Yahweh has erased' or 'may Yahweh add'. Some experts also explain that José means 'multiply'.

On the other hand, we echo an etymology that, although not accepted by all experts, is very curious. Surely you know that one of the most common hypocoristic or affectionate names of José is Pepe. Do you know where this nickname could come from? According to some, it derives from the term 'Pater Putativus', since Joseph is the putative father of Jesus. From 'Pater Putativus', P.P., short for Pepe.

Many parents choose this name for their children because it refers to Saint Joseph, Joseph of Nazareth, the husband of the Virgin Mary. But this is not the only biblical character to bear this name. We must also mention, for example, the patriarch Joseph, the son of Jacob and Rachel.

That is why this name is so popular in countries with a Catholic tradition, as is the case in Spain. In all of them it has been used for several centuries, which has not prevented it from being the same or more frequent today. And it is that, it is a name that continues to transmit a lot of elegance and strength, plus it never goes out of style. No matter how the years go by, this nickname will continue to appear in the rankings of the most frequent names among newborns in various countries of the world.

We may memorize a few days of the saints, however, that of Saint Joseph It is one of them, especially in Spain. There they remember well March 19, Saint Joseph's Day, since takes place on Father's Day. As you can imagine, this date is not by chance, since the saints are celebrated on the day of the father of Jesus.

However, the saints also include other days to celebrate the day of the Josés. For example, May 1 is the day of San José Obrero. And, indeed, on this day the Day of the Worker is celebrated.

But in the calendar of saints of Joseph these other dates must also be noted:

  • March 17
  • March 20
  • 23 of March
  • April 30th
  • May 4th
  • June 23
  • June 26th
  • July 20th
  • July 22
  • August 25th
  • September 18
  • September 25th.

How many days are there to congratulate the Josés!

If you like compound names, José is a great option since it can accompany and look very good with a large number of names. Here is a list with some of the most common and the meaning of the middle name.

  • Jose Antonio. Greek name that refers to a family from Ancient Rome
  • Jose Luis. This second name has a German origin and means 'victorious warrior'.
  • Jose Carlos. Carlos comes in German too and refers to the 'strong and virile man'.
  • Jose Angel. This name is Greek and means 'messenger'.
  • Jose Manuel. Hebrew name whose meaning is 'God accompanies us'.
  • Jose Miguel. Miguel is a Hebrew name that means 'nobody like God'.
  • Jose Maria. Mary is 'the one chosen by God'. It is also very common for girls to use the compound name María José.
  • Jose Andres. Andrés is a name of Greek origin that would come to mean 'brave man'.

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José is a very illustrious name and they are many personalities that have worn it throughout history. Here are some of them.

  • Franz Joseph Haydn, Austrian musician (1732)
  • Giuseppe Verdi, Italian composer (1813)
  • José Marí, Cuban poet (1853)
  • José Ortega y Gasset, Spanish philosopher (1883)
  • Josep Pla, Catalan writer and journalist (1897)
  • Joseph Ratzinger, Pope Benedict XVI (1927)
  • Josep Maria Flotats, Catalan actor and theater director (1939)
  • Josep Borrell, Catalan politician (1947)
  • José Bono, Spanish politician (1950)
  • Josep Piqué, Catalan politician (1955)
  • José Mercé, singer (1955)
  • José Coronado, Spanish actor (1957)

If we add the letters of his name we get that the number of José according to numerology is 4. What does this mean?

On the one hand, you should know that the 4 is usually related to calm and tranquility, so the babies to whom this number corresponds are not usually too fidgety or mischievous. Although these qualities have points in their favor, they also imply that it is more difficult for the child, for example, to learn to walk. However, they are very creative children!

On the other hand, children of this number are extremely emotional and sensitive. That is why they often suffer from what they feel, experience or see around them. As they grow older, some of them learn to build a shell that protects them, which sometimes makes them more reserved and colder.

José is a name that it has reached in one form or another to almost every corner of the world. And this has caused it to have variants in different languages. Take a look at the following list and you will discover how your baby's name is said in different languages.

  • In German: Josef or Joseph
  • In Arabic: يوسف / Yūsuf
  • In Bulgarian: Yosif
  • In Catalan: Josep, Pep
  • In Czech: Josef
  • In Croatian: Josip, Joso, Jozo, Joško, Gonzo, Ganso, Dodô, Doido, Bepo, Joža
  • In Esperanto: Jozefo
  • In French: Joseph
  • In Scottish Gaelic: Seòsaidh
  • In Slovenian: Jožef, Jože
  • In Euskera or Basque: Joseba, Josepe, Joxe
  • In Galician: Xosé
  • In Greek: Ιōσιφ / Yosiph
  • In English: Joseph
  • In Italian: Giuseppe
  • In Japanese: ホ セ / Hose
  • In Polish: Józef
  • In Romanian: Iosif
  • In Russian: Иосиф / Iósif

José is such a popular name and is borne by so many boys and men that it has spawned hundreds of hypocorism. As you well know, these are the affectionate nicknames that come from a name. Perhaps the most popular of José is Pepe (Pepa in the case of women). But the Josés can also be called Joe, like its version in English, or Zé, like in Portuguese. And in the names composed with José we find some like Josema, Joselu, JC, Juancar ...

Another curiosity of this name is that you can put the accent on both the first syllable and the second. In this way, there are children who are called Joseph and others called Joseph.Likewise, this name is very versatile because it has a male version, José, and a female version, Josefa.

Will you finally call your son by the name of José?

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