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Getting pregnant will be easier with these feng shui tips

Getting pregnant will be easier with these feng shui tips

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Did you know that the energy in your home affects your fertility? More specifically the energy that flows in your room. That same energy that floats from the outside and that reaches every corner of your home will be the one that feng shui will use to help you achieve your goals and your dreams. It is precisely for that reason that this time we tell you some feng shui tips that would help you get pregnant in a simpler way. Do not lose detail, which surely seems surprising to you.

It sure won't catch you again, but just in case, let's see first of all what feng shui is and what it is for or how it influences our home and our lives. Feng shui, which literally means 'wind and water', is the field that focuses on the study of energy, also called Chi. It is not a common energy, but the one that flows through the landscape closest to us and that is the same one that flows into our homes.

Those who are assiduous to practice the art of feng shui will already know the harmonic energy that is created in every corner of the house and that makes our home just the environment we want. Of course, for this to be the case, specific steps must be followed. We speak, then, of feng shui to decorate the house, so that there are good vibes, to attract money, to improve the health of a loved one, to make our projects go ahead and, of course, we also talk about feng shui to try to stay healthy. Did you know that if you practice feng shui, your room can become the most fertile place in the whole house? Let's see it!

The harmony of feng shui focuses on key principles such as the balance of Yin and Yang, the theory of the five elements, the Ba Gua and the concept of Chi energy. According to this last point, that of Chi energy, our house has three well-differentiated key areas for feng shui: the first is the entrance, the second is the kitchen and the third is the bedrooms, in which we are going to center.

How to make the energy in your room balanced enough to promote fertility? Check these ideas and you will leave doubts.

1. The bedroom will be the main space in your house
It is in the room where we sleep, we rest and even clear all our doubts and concerns, which is why feng shui cites this space as the main one in the home, especially when you want to make it the ideal environment to conceive a baby. The key is also to balance the energies and leave a physical space for the baby even if it has not yet arrived in your life.

2. The decoration of the room, another point to consider
As we do with the rest of the house, the room must be decorated in a certain way and based on the baby's conception. The best thing to do is choose neutral colors such as white or earth brown, they are the ones that are most in harmony with sexual desire, and leave the rainbow palette (bright colors and their derivatives) for another room. The fire element tones (pink, orange and their variants) can be present in small quantities as in the decorative elements, never as main tones.

3. Light and air must enter the room daily
Opening the windows every morning to let the sun, light and air enter the bedroom and keeping the room always well lit will be of great help to let the energy flow and help you conceive your little one. Candles and dim lights will be ideal for a relaxed atmosphere at the end of the day.

4. The bed, how should it be placed to promote fertility?
Feng shui says that the head of the bed should be located against a solid wall and avoid as much as possible that it is just below the window. Remember to always keep the room neat and organized! In this way, you will achieve more harmony and, therefore, there will be more willingness to conceive.

5. The perfect feng shui fertility symbols for your room
If you want to go one step further and try to get the most out of feng shui to get pregnant, you can place fertility symbols in the room such as photos of pomegranates, figures of elephants or rabbits and images of eggs, all of them make reference to fertility and also to family life, sounds good, right?

If you want to practice feng shui in your home to get pregnant, you have to follow the advice that we have just given you and also avoid the details that we tell you here:

6. Do not put inside the room fresh flowers and avoid as far as possible any decorative element that refers to flowers.

7. Get out of the bedroom books, computers and other electronic devices. They take space away from love, rest and intimacy.

8. No Mirrors inside the bedroom, they only serve to activate energy to the detriment of rest.

9. Check that there is no no sharp objects towards the bed such as the doorknob or the corners of the bedside table.

10. And finally, check that no one can be heard from the room leaky faucet as it represents an unnecessary energy drain.

Now you know how to take advantage of feng shui in your room to get pregnant, ready to start?

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