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Pascasio's dream. Story for children to fight for what they want

Pascasio's dream. Story for children to fight for what they want

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We all have dreams, and so do our children. However, it is common for these to take a backseat due to the day-to-day routine (school, after-school, homework ...) That is why, in we propose you a childish story to escape for a moment from all this bustle and encourage our children to fight for what they want; to conquer their dreams. Don't miss this children's story entitled 'Pascasio's Dream', which will show you that with a little effort, and after a few falls, dreams do come true.

"I want to fly!" Said the hedgehog Pascasio, looking thoughtfully at the sky; and the birds that listened to him were looking at him thoughtfully too; they had never thought that someone could envy them for doing something that was so natural to them.

- If the birds fly beyond the clouds, Why can't I fly?

- If the birds fly beyond the rainbow, why can't I fly?

- If birds fly higher than mountains, why can't I fly?

- If birds fly over towns and cities, why can't I fly? - He repeated incessantly.

- But hedgehogs don't fly! - The pigeons told him, trying to make him see reason, without success.

- Hedgehogs don't fly! Pascasio is smart, why does he get so stubborn? - said the kites.

The birds seeing that the hedgehog wanted so much to fly made a meeting.

- Pascasio is a good hedgehog and whenever we have needed his help he has given it to us willingly; we must help him achieve his dream - said the sparrows; and, in that, all agreed.

- We can grab it between several of us and raise it to the sky - said the swifts.

- Too dangerous! - said the raptors, - it will prick us with its quills!

They were thoughtful thinking about what to do to help the hedgehog.

-I know! - said a parrot suddenly - each of us will give him a pen and stick it to his body so I can fly.

And so they did: sparrows, canaries, goldfinches, robins, tits, parrots, greenfinches, kites and all the birds of the forest tore a feather, and gave it to the hedgehog so that it could make wings and could fly.

One was glued for each barb, and when Pascasio looked more like a bird, very strange, that yes, that a hedgehog, was very happy and taking a run, he pushed himself to take flight to the edge of a ravine.

Catapum, thump, thump, thump, chop, chop ... they all saw it fall and roll down the slope to the river.

- Ohhhhhh! - They all shouted anguished.

- It was just a little accident! - Pascasio said, brushing off the ivy tangled between the feathers and the soaked quills.

I will continue fighting for what I want. I want to fly!

And again he took a run and threw himself down the ravine.

Catapum, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, cataplam, chop, chop ... again they saw him roll into a ball.

- Ohhhhhh! Ohhhhhh! - They shouted, thinking that he had broken his head. - It was just a little accident! - Pascasio said, picking up the feathers that had detached in the fall and floated in the river.

- I will continue fighting for what I want. I want to fly!

They all threw their feet up when they saw Pascasio running back into the ravine.

The hedgehog moved the feathers with all his might as he started the jump, and then he stood still and began to glide over the river.

- Ohhhhhh! Ohhhhhhhh! - They all shouted in amazement when they saw him fly. He stayed in the sky for a few minutes, hit by a blast of air, and suddenly he fell headlong into the river.

Catapum, pum, cataplam, chas, chas, chas, chas, chop, chop ...

- Ohhhhhhhhhh! Ayyyyyyyyy! Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh! - They shouted, thinking that he had killed himself.

Pascasio came out of the river: soaked, sore, featherless, with broken spikes, but with a big smile; he had finally achieved his dream; had flown.

In addition to reflecting on the message of this story, we encourage you to use reading as a fun game to practice reading comprehension. The ability to understand what is read It is a skill that must be practiced with children, as it is key to study today and when they are a little older, as well as for their life as an adult.

To do this, we propose some questions to ask your children after reading this children's story. In this way, you can assess whether they were paying attention while you were enjoying the reading.

1. What is the dream of the hedgehog Pascasio?

2. Did the birds want to help you fulfill your dream?

3. What did they finally do so that Pascasio could fly?

4. Was Pascasio able to fly the first time or did he have to make several attempts before he succeeded?

Finally, use this story as an excuse to talk with your children about their dreams, about what they want to achieve. You are sure to be surprised to meet them. Encourage them to fulfill them ... and you fulfill yours!

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