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There is nothing comparable to being a mother for the first time, it is magical!

There is nothing comparable to being a mother for the first time, it is magical!

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I feel like the first time of things that happen to us in life is… THE FIRST TIME. It seems silly, however, the meaning goes far beyond words. I mean what What do you feel in that first moment, you don't feel it again, with that same intensity, with that magic, with that fear ... no matter how many more times you do it, feel it or live it again. So I always say that there is nothing comparable to being a mother for the first time. And it is that, although the second pregnancy is also wonderful (and the third, etc.), you do not face it again the way you faced the first, right?

Surely, the first time you had a pet It made you feel more empathic with the world, and you even used her as a therapist; On days when you spend time with him or her calms your nerves. 'Lamejo' as adolescents in my area now define 'the best friend' is another experience to value. It is the first time that you feel that union with another person who, suddenly, you feel is your sister, and from that moment, you already want to live all the experiences together.

And from here, I could describe the first time you fell in love, the first time your heart was broken, the first time you hurt, the first menstruation, the first sexual time, of course, the first kiss, the first trip. to Paris, the first trip with friends, the first salary, the first car, the first heels, etc.

But, without a doubt, I want to focus on the first time that every woman who experiences it could define as the best first time. The one that is marked in your heart and on your retina. That is, of course, the birth of the first child.

That first look, that first hug, the first kiss (the second, the third ... and the following thousands), the first photo, the first word, the first mush, the first smile ... Ufffff ... There are so many first times thanks to that little person, what the heart widens from its arrival.

The first time has magic. The first time he is also afraid. It is like a world of uncertainty and security opens at the same time. The first time you go out with him in the hospital arms, the illusion floods us but also the questions: Will I be capable? Can I alone? Will I know how to do it?

Whether you are going to live this moment soon or if you have already lived it, I want to remind you that the first time does not depend on the situation, but on your own attitude. It is defined by the desire we put into that moment that we know will change our lives. Therefore, I invite you to prepare to receive it and to do so in a conscious way.

I would recommend you:

1. Finish work days before the big time. In this way, you will have all the time you want to enjoy everything you are experiencing.

2. The last weeks that are for you and for you: care, pampering, attention ... You deserve it!

3. Buy a notebook and write down everything you are feeling. It will be a great memory to share with your child when he grows up.

4. Share all your emotions with the dear people around you.

5. Record yourself and take photos.

6. And of course, talk to your little one, give him caresses. Although it is in the tummy, he or she already knows that you are his mother.

7. Take the opportunity to convey love before arriving.

It will be your FIRST TIME, try to live it and feel it knowing that it will also be the last time. And it is that, even if you have more children, you will not feel that same again, in the same way, in your life.

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