The angry volcano. Children's tale about equality and tolerance

The angry volcano. Children's tale about equality and tolerance

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One of the best tools to educate in values ​​are stories for children. Here we offer you a beautiful story entitled "The angry volcano" that, in simile form, talks about equality and tolerance. It will help your child to reflect on how we treat people who have a skin color other than ours. We are all the same, regardless of our race, origin, religion ... Do not miss this cute short children's story!

The waves of the sea dragged the white stone to that beach.

It was a very beautiful stone, white and shiny. When it dawned he discovered that he was in a dark environment, surrounded by large black stones, but he did not care too much.

He was happy, allowing himself to be caressed by the waves of the sea when he heard behind him:

- What's that doing here?

The white stone turned and saw there a large black stone that was looking very angry.

- May I know what you are doing on our island? There is no place here for stones like you. - He snapped.

- Can't you see it? - He said pointing around him.

And she observed how all the other stones nodded and looked at her with the face of few friends.

- What bothers you that I'm here? - he said, with courage, - I have not hurt any of you.

- We don't want you here! Do not you understand? Out of! - They shouted, threatening her.

Nearby the island volcano, which was witnessing everything, roared loudly:

- I am your father! I've never taught you that!

- Do you think that because they are of a different color they don't feel like you? - I continue, angry at the attitude of his children.

- Among you there are large, fat, small, fine, sharp and round stones. Why can't there be white stones?

The black stones thoughtfully moved away to different parts of the island to reflect.

That same afternoon, the volcano threw new stones into its crater, and the newborns immediately began to play with the white stone, regardless of its color.

Seeing that, the black stones realized that they had never seen a white one in their life and simply disowned it for being different from them. Sorrowful for her attitude, they approached to ask her forgiveness.

Here we propose some reading comprehension questions that will help you to check if your children have understood the true message that this children's story transmits. This story, in addition to making your child reflect on equality, can help him practice his reading comprehension skills. It is a skill that children should practice to support their studies at school.

Ask your children these questions and ask for their opinion of the story.

1. How did the white stone get to the beach?

2. How was this stone different from the others around it?

3. Why did the black stones look angry at the white one?

4. What did the volcano say to the black stones?

5. Did the newborn stones want to play with the white stone?

6. Why did the black stones apologize to the white one?

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