Popular sayings for boys and girls

Popular sayings for boys and girls

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Our vocabulary is often nourished by popular saying. Sayings are those short phrases full of wisdom that contain a teaching or moral.

The sayings they enclose the culture of a country or a region, they are based on experiences transmitted, often by word of mouth, from generation to generation.

In We have selected the best sayings for boys and girls: by country, funny, short or to educate.

Short sayings. Short, easy-to-read educational sayings for kids. Short and popular sayings and sayings for children. How to teach proverbs to children. Popular proverb in childhood. Short sayings to read. Sayings for children are fun, cheerful and fresh.

Sayings about parents. We offer you sayings, popular sayings and proverbs about parents to celebrate Father's Day. The saying is nothing more than a popular saying that contains a thought, a teaching or a reflection. our site has selected 14 lines and sayings about parents for children to have fun with their parents.

Sayings about mothers. On our site we offer you a series of sayings and lines about mothers. They are phrases that contain a thought or a reflection on how mothers are. With these sayings about moms we want to celebrate Mother's Day.

Sayings to educate. Popular sayings to educate children. The popular sayings in Spanish best known by families. The Spanish proverb for children. our site has produced a large list of popular sayings or sayings to teach educational and moral messages to children

Sayings by countries. Popular sayings with their meaning to educate children in values. 14 short, easy and traditional proverbs and sayings with simple messages for elementary school children. Sayings from different countries, to teach values ​​to children. Sayings and sayings in Spanish to read with children and learn different cultures.

Sayings of Mexico. Selection of 10 typical Mexican sayings that all children should know. So that children can learn the popular wisdom and tradition of Mexico, we have selected some funny sayings. Sayings are phrases, usually in verse, that convey meaning in the form of a moral or advice.

Sayings with values. List of popular sayings or sayings to educate children in values. Proverbs to teach past customs and traditions to children. How to educate children in values. Education in values. With proverbs, children can learn to interpret texts.

Sayings of Spain. So that children can learn the popular wisdom of a country, on our site we have selected a series of typical Spanish sayings, the most popular, with their proper explanations. Sayings are a good tool to stimulate children.

Argentine sayings. Do you know any popular saying from Argentina? On our site we have compiled a selection of sayings for children to learn about the popular wisdom of the country.

Colombian sayings. On our site we offer you a series of popular sayings from Colombia so that children know the popular wisdom of the country. Through sayings, you can learn about the traditions and culture of a place.

Christmas sayings. Series of Christmas sayings so that you can teach your children and understand the meaning of Christmas. Merry Christmas! our site has selected some short sayings about Christmas. Sayings are a good resource for children to learn new words and enrich their language. Happy New Year!

Chinese proverbs. On our site we have selected a series of Chinese proverbs so that you can educate and motivate your children. Chinese sayings mainly talk about the attitudes to show in life and how to behave under what circumstances.

Japanese proverbs. Japanese proverbs are full of ancient wisdom. They are short phrases, similar to our sayings, that extract the thoughts and knowledge that have been passed from generation to generation. Japanese sayings to educate children.

Funny sayings for children. Popular sayings are a good way to teach children moral values ​​and traditional knowledge. our site teaches you some of the best sayings to teach and entertain children.

Sayings for children. The proverb is full of popular wisdom. Through these sayings children can easily acquire teachings of moral values. Popular traditions are reflected in these sayings for children.

Sayings of love for children. We offer you a series of short sayings for children, they are love sayings for children. A great way to explain what love is and they can understand this feeling. They are popular phrases and traditional sayings to educate our children. Popular sayings for the whole family. Sayings with rhyme for children.

54 sayings with values ​​for children inspired by the month of July. Sayings are popular sayings that are passed from generation to generation to transmit values ​​to children. Do you want to know the sayings with values ​​for children inspired by the month of July? Most are related to the weather, agriculture, and also holidays and fun.

52 short and popular sayings for children about the month of May. Compilation of the funniest short sayings of the month of May funniest for you to tell the children. Popular sayings or popular sayings contain a lot of wisdom for your children, so you should tell them about the most famous lines of the proverb.

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