The luck of babies born in 2019 according to numerology

The most superstitious and those who join in the 'just in case', every New Year do endless rituals (put gold in the glass of champagne, wear red underwear, put a suitcase at the door ...) to enter with good foot in the New Year. But what can we expect an odd year to bring us before the birth of our child? As will be the luck of babies born in 2019? Since we give you some answers.

When we know that we are going to be parents, the only thing that really matters to us is that the baby is born healthy and happy. However, since History is History, the time, day, month and year in which we are born generate a predisposition both in our health and in our emotions and feelings. And it is that, the numbers also speak. You just have to know how to listen to them.

Without having made us some fanatics of numerology, there are studies (such as the one published in the Journal of Aging Research) that mention that It is not the same to be born in an even year than to be born in an odd year. The conclusions drawn and the statistics reaffirm that the year in which we are born affects how our personality will be when we reach adulthood.

Thus, experts explain that lOdd numbers are solar, masculine, dynamic and electric numbers; In contrast to even-numbered years, which are ruled by the moon, they are feminine and magnetic. Therefore, if your baby is going to be born in 2019, it will have its own light and will always shine, not in vain does it come into the world under the sign of the "Conquering Sun". And if you don't know the gender of your baby yet, it is more likely to be a boy than a girl.

The digits 1 and 9 (of the year 2019) are opposite extremes in numerology. The number 1 means individuality and the number 9 is the symbol of universality. Does this mean that chaos will reign in our son's life? The answer is no. Although their union is usually somewhat conflictual, sooner or later ends up finding peace. But what else does your year of birth tell babies in 2019?

1. They are successful children
If we make use of the considered non-exact sciences and the esoteric world, number 19 is often associated with success in any area of ‚Äč‚Äčlife. So everything points, according to the stars and the numbers, that our little one will be a winner. It is a digit that symbolizes inspiration, so you can do whatever you want, because you will achieve it. But beware, our son can think and make the mistake of believing that he deserves everything and even arouse envy for his successes. We are warned, so we will have to give you the tools so that you know how to function in an increasingly competitive world.

2. They give importance to the material
The odd-numbered years also bring children who give greater importance to material goods than spiritual ones, but this does not mean that they can be more or less selfish. And it is already known that each child is a world and surely yours will be unique and special.

3. They are supportive, generous and responsible
Among the keys to your child's success will be your solidarity and generosity, since it is the sign of ideals, of universal interest and of the warrior spirit for humanitarian purposes. The 19 personifies inner light and creativity, which illuminates idealistic, original and kind children. And it is that, the search for perfection and balance will end up being the slogan of your offspring. And his challenge, knowing how to handle excess responsibility. To do this, we must teach him to learn to ask for help, because otherwise he may overflow and collapse.

4. They are happy babies
On the most mystical plane, the number 19 becomes even more fascinating. This tarot card is represented by nothing less than the sun bathing two children with its light. His interpretation leads us to talk about success, union, happiness, harmony, reconciliation ... What more can we ask for?

With all this, we can say that 2019 is a generally good number. The outlook for your son couldn't be better. Therefore, luck is having a baby in 2019.

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