What is gained and what is lost by having children

What is gained and what is lost by having children

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"Deciding is giving up" Nothing is more true; making a decision, whatever it may be, even not doing it, opens a path full of possibilities and closes another full of options that we have decided not to take.

Bringing a baby into the world is one of the most momentous decisions in the life of a human being, it means without a doubt that life as we knew it will be different forever ... This scares many and excites others. You have to be aware of what is gained and what is lost by having children to be prepared for their arrival.

A great majority of parents who are waiting for their first child hear from many different sources, the sacrifices they will have to make and all the things they will lose; this invariably causes them to panic in some moments. But then, What is gained and what is lost by having a child?

Here are some of the essential things that come and go for all those who have decided, like the “angel in love,” to jump into the void and discover what parenting is like. I hope this can help those who are hesitant to discover if it is worth the risk and investment.

- The ability to choose a name and put your last name next to it.

- To be designated parent, guardian, guardian, custodian and guide of a human being for life.

- The emotion of hearing a little voice say "mom" or "dad" and throwing your arms as if they were the only thing in the world.

- Become a full-time superhero, with many and varied missions to complete.

- Get afloat teaching skills, storytelling, cooking, nursing, sewing, crafts, plumbing ... and a host of others you didn't know you had.

- Unique and priceless gifts made with photos, crayons, glue, pasta soup and plaster.

- Never again will you be bored or think that you have nothing to do.

- You will develop your creativity and problem-solving skills in a way that you never thought possible.

- Lots of kisses, sticky hugs and giggles under the covers.

- The urgent need to become a better person.

But, indisputably, also there are some things that are lost or changed once we have children. I have detailed a few below.

- For a long time, until your children grow up, your hours and quality of sleep will never be the same again.

- It will be almost impossible to be at the head of your Priority list.

- Personal expenses they will have to be reduced, giving way to medical bills, diapers, clothes, toys, school, sports, entertainment ...

- For a long time you will forget the meaning of the word tranquility, since you will go through preschool and elementary school (at least) through the support that your children give them, this time with more anguish that everything goes well.

- You will doubt the existence of the word "silence" and its meaning.

- Your home will surely never look as tidy again for long.

Your mental stability, temper and emotion management they will be tested in many and varied ways.

As we can see, the balance seems to indicate that it is worth having the wonderful opportunity to relive life through the eyes of a child ...

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