Christmas crafts for children with paper rolls

Christmas crafts for children with paper rolls

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It is not always necessary to shell out a large amount of money to decorate the house for Christmas. There are cheaper ways, and above all fun and original, to make Christmas decorations. We propose a series of children's crafts made with toilet paper rolls to spend an entertaining time with the children.

Save any remaining toilet paper rolls to make crafts with children as original as a snowman, a Christmas tree or a Christmas wreath.

From now on, instead of throwing the toilet paper rolls into the cardboard container, save them to make Christmas crafts as beautiful, original and friendly as these at home.

Santa Claus. Cardboard Santa Claus. Christmas crafts for children. At GuiaInfantil we teach you how to make a decorative Santa Claus using a roll of toilet paper. Cardboard crafts for children.

Christmas angel. Cardboard Christmas angel. Children's recycling crafts. How to make a Christmas tree angel out of toilet paper rolls. Cardboard Christmas crafts.

Snowman. Cardboard snowman. Christmas handcrafts. Crafts for children made with recycling material. Ideas for making homemade Christmas decorations with children.

Christmas wreath. We teach you how to make a Christmas wreath recycling toilet paper rolls for the front door of your house. Recycling children's crafts for children. Homemade decorative Christmas ornaments made from recycled material.

Christmas tree. Cardboard Christmas tree. Recycling crafts for children. Learn how to make, step by step, a Christmas tree with toilet paper rolls. Christmas activities for children.

Christmas wrapping. On our site we suggest that you wrap the children's small gifts in a different and original way. We teach you how to make gift wrapping with toilet paper rolls. This time you can make a candy-shaped wrapper for children's gifts.

Christmas reindeer. We teach you how to make Rodolfo the reindeer with toilet paper rollers. Rodolfo is the red-nosed reindeer and one of the best known to children. If your child loves the figure of Santa Claus and everything around him, he will surely like to make this craft with recycling material.

Santa Claus cutlery holder. Santa Claus cutlery holder. At GuiaInfantil we teach you to make Christmas crafts for children with recycling material. In this case, it is made with a roll of toilet paper

Advent Calendar. The Advent calendar is one of the symbols of Christmas. This year, instead of buying one already made, Guiainfantil suggests that you do it at home with the children in a simple, fun and cheap way since it is a recycling craft.

Toy rocket. Toy rocket. Recycling crafts. our site shows you how to make, step by step, a toy rocket made from toilet paper rolls. Ideal to decorate at Christmas, or to give for a birthday.

Christmas wrapping. We offer you an original and different way of wrapping small Christmas gifts. You will not have to buy paper or tape, you only need rolls of toilet paper. We show you, step by step and with photos, how to make an original package for children's Christmas gifts.

Race car. For children who love cars, we propose an original recycling craft on our site. Learn how to make a racing car craft out of paper rolls step by step.

Toy airplane. Learn to make step by step a beautiful airplane with toilet paper rolls. Easy crafts with recycled materials for children. We teach you how to make a toy for children recycling toilet paper rollers. A simple and suitable craft for children of 8 years of age.

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