Christmas costumes for kids

Christmas costumes for kids

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Original and beautiful proposals for children's costumes at Christmas


Make a reindeer costume. You can buy it made like the one in the photo, or dress your child all in different shades of brown. On the head, put a headband with horns like those of reindeer.

How to make a shepherdess costume. The girl is dressed in a dress, preferably printed. Add an apron to the waist, a headscarf, some tights, period. If the girl has long hair, she could braid it.

This Christmas tree costume already takes a little more effort. A green organdy dress is woven, layering the skirt. Then balls and other Christmas decorations are sewn onto the ends of the dress.

Could there be anything richer than this Christmas cookie costume? Well, for this you only need brown cardboard. The cookie is drawn in the child's life size, in two parts, and put together. Then, it only remains to decorate with colors as they were sweet.

For this Santa Claus costume you need red tights and a dress, some white felt balls are sewn or glued to imitate buttons. A black belt can be added at the waist and a hat on the head.

Nice costume of Saint Joseph. A sheet is cut into two pieces. One we tie it to act as a tunic, and the other we put it on the child's head. Now you just need to put a beard on his face and give him a crook.

For this Wise King costume, you only need to make a long cape of a purple, red or blue shiny fabric, and make a crown out of gold cardboard. Then do not forget to paint a beard on the child's face.

A very wintery costume. The boy or girl can be dressed in a light blue suit then decorated with white wool or cotton balls as if they were snowflakes. And you should not forget to put a very warm hat with another white ball on the tip.

For this Christmas costume, you can cut the size of a pine tree twice on a green card or on a fabric of the same color. Put the two pieces together with glue or stitching and decorate each side as if you were doing it to a real Christmas tree.

Dress up your child for Christmas. This costume is one of the best-sellers around Christmas time, so we advise you to buy it already made. You will save time and it will be much cheaper.

A nice angel costume. For this costume, you only need to dress your son or daughter with a very long white coat, put some cardboard wings (which you can cover with cotton), a gold or silver crown (made of wire lined with aluminum foil), and paint her cheeks with a little bit of glitter.

For this star costume you must cut out two parts of a star in a quilted fabric, preferably silver or gold. Join the tips of the stars with some dots and the costume is done.

As a rule, this rabbit costume is used a lot at Easter. But since it is related to birth, it is also used at Christmas. Although it is simple, it is best to get it done.

This fairy dress is one of the favorite costumes for girls. To do this, all you need is a dress in a soft color like pink and light blue, a tulle veil, a crown, and a magic wand.

With red shorts, red measurements with red stripes, a green blouse and a red vest with white polka dots, you can make a nice Christmas elf costume for your child. In addition, you can make a green hat and shoes to accompany it.

With green felt you can make a dress and a hat to shape our Christmas tree costume. To top it off, hang silver balls in different parts of the tree, and put brown stockings to simulate a tree trunk to the child.

The christmas costume of your child will be ready. A quick and easy costume to make for children to dress up and have fun these Christmas parties.

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