The Hiccup Monsters: A Children's Story About Fear

The Hiccup Monsters: A Children's Story About Fear

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Children's fear of monsters it is very common among the little ones; with this story you can prevent their monsters from appearing to them in the middle of the night and, from now on, they will become their friends. A curious tale in which monsters stop scaring to children during the evenings, and they become fun companions for children. Read this story with your children and see how that happens and why.

The oldest say that monsters used to eat boys and girls. How much more afraid they had the little ones in the house, they were richer.

The monsters celebrated many banquets almost every night, and although they were well fed, they were always sad and moody.

Over the years and thanks to the stories of moms and dads, the little ones became more brave. Few things scared them anymore, and they waited for the monsters at night ready to confront them with the magic of stories.

The monsters They continued to eat boys and girls, but less and less, because after eating their stomach ached and they had a lot of hiccups.

- Every day I have hiccups and with the pain in my stomach I can't play or climb houses-, the little monster complained Dark.

- Today I only eaten an ear as a child and I can't stop hiccuping, ”the young Sinister monster recognized.

New events led to the celebration of the Great Monster Assembly to find a solution. They immediately deduced that the bravery of the boys and girls gave them hiccups and stomach ache.

- We will have to change diet and have a new diet - said the Cadaverous monster dad.

- And what will we eat now? asked the Truculent Monster Mom.

- We will eat stones and rocks, which are very rich in minerals, and we will drink sips of river water - said the Shadowed monster doctor.

This is how monsters, many years ago, stopped eating boys and girls.

And as they no longer heard the cries of fear of the little ones, and yes their laughter, they stopped being sad and moody to be happy and laughing.

One of the keys for the child to learn to read correctly is understanding of the reading.

If you want to know if your child has understood correctly the story, here we leave you some questions about the text.

- Because I know ate monsters to children?

- Why did monsters hurt their guts?

- Why did the children no longer have afraid monsters?

- Make up another reason why kids shouldn't be afraid of monsters.

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