The inns. Traditional Christmas story from Mexico

The inns. Traditional Christmas story from Mexico

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Christmas is also a fantastic time to transmit through the story part of the history and tradition that unites Christians. In fact, Christmas is a Catholic holiday that is celebrated in many countries and that commemorates the birth of Jesus.

Do you want to tell your children who Saint Joseph, the Virgin Mary and Jesus are through a story? In The inns, a traditional tale from Mexico, you will find the story of how the virgin arrived, about to give birth, to Bethlehem, and why they ended up in a manger instead of sleeping in a hostel or inn.

It was the time of the Roman Emperor Augustus. This emperor, one day, decided to make a census of the population, and write down the name and surname of each of the inhabitants. So all the people had to go to the town where they were born. The Virgin Mary at that time, was pregnant, and had to leave with her husband, San José, for Bethlehem, the town of their birth.

Mary was about to give birth, and they arrived in Bethlehem one cold night on December 24. Her husband, San José, was concerned about the condition of his wife, so he called the richest inn in all of Bethlehem.

"In the name of heaven," he said to the innkeeper, "I ask for an inn, because my beloved wife can no longer walk."

The innkeeper looked him up and down and replied:

- This is not an inn, keep going. I can't open it, I'm not going to be a good scoundrel.

- Don't be inhuman - San José insisted - Have charity. The kingdom of heaven will reward you.

- Now you can go and stop bothering - the innkeeper answered angrier - If I get more angry, I'm going to beat them up.

So Saint Joseph and the Virgin set out, looking for another place to shelter. This is how they got to the pilgrims' inn. Saint Joseph knocked on the door:

- I'm a carpenter and my name is José. We have come down from Nazareth.

- I don't care about his name. Get out of here. What I want is to sleep.

They had to find another inn. This time they came to the shelter for the poor. This shelter was next to a stable, where there was only one ox. Saint Joseph knocked on the door:

- I ask for shelter, my good friend, for just one night. My wife is Mary, the Queen of Heaven, and she will be the mother of the divine Word.

- Are you José? Your wife, Maria? Come in, pilgrims.

- God pay you this charity and fill the sky with happiness.

And since the shelter that night was full, José and María had to settle for the stable. As housemates, the ox that slept there and the mule on which Maria had traveled.

1. What decision did Emperor Augustus make?

2. Since Mary was pregnant, what decision did she and Saint Joseph make?

3. Where did Mary give birth to the baby Jesus?

4. Who was present during the birth of baby Jesus?


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