Recipes of Christmas logs for dessert

Recipes of Christmas logs for dessert

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In addition to polvorones, nougat and roscón de Reyes, there is a very popular dessert at Christmas: the Christmas Log. It is a rolled sponge cake filled with chocolate, cream, nougat cream ... A dessert, which by the way, tends to be very popular with children.

Since our site, we offer you a selection of varied recipes by Christmas Logs, so you can choose the one you like the most or the one that is easier for you to do.

Here are some recipes for the Tronco de Navidad, a very popular dessert at Christmas. They are all very simple, so you can let the children participate.

In them you will discover some variety. For example, if you don't have much time, you can opt for the quick recipe in the Thermomix, or if you prefer to make a more original Christmas Log, try the recipe for nougat cream. Go ahead and try to do some. You'll see how the result is fantastic.

Recipe of the Christmas Log step by step. We teach you how to make a traditional Christmas Log in a very simple way. Here you will find the recipe for how to make the Christmas Log step by step. How to make a homemade Christmas log recipe for the Christmas holidays. Discover the origin of this traditional dessert.

Swiss roll. Christmas Trunk Recipe. our site offers us the recipe for Swiss Roll for Christmas. The Christmas trunk is the same as a Gypsy Arm that is related to Christmas by having the appearance of a tree trunk.

Christmas log of cream and strawberries. Here's a delicious twist on the popular Christmas Log for the holidays. It is a log with chocolate dough and cream filled with strawberries. Ideal to add some fruit to your dessert. Enjoy a homemade recipe, exquisite and very easy to make.

Christmas log with nougat. The Christmas Trunk, also called 'La Buche de Nöel', is an exquisite dessert for Christmas and an easy recipe to prepare with an ingrained Christmas tradition in much of Europe. our site shows you how to prepare it in a simple and fast way.

Trunk with peach jam. Do you like the Christmas Log? Try this original recipe where the peach jam is incorporated, which you can substitute for peach in small pieces.

Christmas trunk in Thermomix. The Christmas log is a very widespread European tradition. Prepare a quick version of this sweet with the Christmas log recipe for children in Thermomix. Fast and easy. Learn how to make a simpler Christmas log using the Thermomix device.

We reinvent the chocolate Christmas log. Recipes with children. We teach you how to make the most delicious Christmas log of chocolate and cookies. We reinvent the traditional recipe for this Christmas dessert and propose a vertical trunk, as if the tree had been cut down. Write down the ingredients and prepare the recipe with the children.

The Christmas logs are a Christmas dessert, which those with a sweet tooth can also have a snack one day, which is very typical in different parts of the world. In fact, there are in countries like Spain that, under the name of gypsy armIt is also taken at other times of the year. In France, the country where it is said to come from, it is called bûche de Noël and it is an essential dessert in all Christmas meals. No one can resist a treat like this!

To know the origin of this Christmas log we have to go back years and years. In pre-Christian culture it was very common to celebrate the New Year by making a large fire or burning wood so that the light would drive away the darkness. Little by little, the tradition of leaving the logs burning for several days and ...why not make a sweet in honor of this custom?

Thanks to this, we now eat these delicious logs, which are traditionally made from a Genoese sponge cake rolled over some ingredient. The Christmas trunk adapts to all tastes and needs, because it can be made of all the flavors that you can think of. As you have seen in the previous recipes, any sweet ingredient can be used as a topping for this dessert: from chocolate to fruit to jams, flavored meringues or pastry creams. You have to let your imagination run wild and you have to listen to your stomach too!

The Christmas log is not a recipe that children can make themselves, at least not the little ones. You have to put the cake in the oven, a step that should always be done under the supervision of an adult to avoid risks. However, cooking it as a family can be a great idea.

First of all, it can become a great hobby that entertains the whole family. Preparing dessert all together is the perfect excuse to have a great time all together. But, in addition, these small tasks that the child conceives as a game are a good opportunity to introduce him to the different responsibilities of the home. After trying this recipe, you may feel more receptive to making the snack sandwich yourself or helping your siblings pour their morning glass of milk.

On the other hand, we can take advantage of the cooking moment to introduce the child New flavors which perhaps at another time refuses to try. This is the case, for example, of children who do not want to eat fruit. Although it may not seem like it, the kitchen is also an ideal time to have your children practice math (by having to add and subtract the amounts of ingredients) and is the perfect setting to start an interesting chat with them.

What Christmas log are you going to prepare? It's sure to be delicious!

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