Christmas presents. Christmas story with values

Christmas presents. Christmas story with values

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Above the material value of gifts, should be the values ​​of generosity and empathy. The important thing is not how many gifts are received, but what you really matter to the person who gives you the gift.

This is the main message of this Christmas story: Christmas presents, which makes adults and children reflect on the true meaning of Christmas.

The Christmas Gift Conference that year was packed to the brim. It had been attended by all the toymakers in the world, and many others who were not toymakers but who used to attend lately, and those who could never be absent, the delivery men: Santa Claus and the Three Wise Men.

Like every year, the discussions would be about what kinds of toys were more educational or fun, which kept some toymakers arguing with others for hours, and about the size of the toys. Yes, yes, they always argued about size, because the Kings and Santa Claus complained that every year they made bigger toys and it gave them real problems to transport everything ...

But something happened that made that conference different from the previous ones: a child slipped in. There had never been a child during those meetings, and by the time they wanted to realize it, a child was sitting right next to the wise men, with no one being able to tell how long it had been there, which was sure to be a long time.

And while Santa Claus was arguing with an important toymaker about the size of a very fashionable doll, and he was shouting at him heatedly 'fat man, if you were thinner, more things would fit in the sled!', The boy stood up and He said:

- Okay, don't argue. I will deliver everything that neither the Kings nor Santa Claus can carry.

The assistants laughed out loud for a long time without paying any attention to him. While they laughed, the boy got up, let out a little tear and left there crestfallen ...

That Christmas was like almost all of them, but somewhat colder. On the street everyone went on with their lives and you didn't hear about all the stories and precious things that happen at Christmas. And when the children received their gifts, they were barely excited, and it seemed that nobody cared about that party anymore.

At the gift conference the following year, everyone was concerned at the growing lack of illusion that Christmas was faced with. Again the usual arguments began, until suddenly the boy who had been laughed at so much the previous year appeared at the door, sad and crestfallen. This time he was accompanied by his mother, a beautiful woman. When they saw her, the three Kings jumped: 'Maria!', And running they went to hug her. Then the woman approached the platform, spoke up and said:

- Every year, my son celebrated his birthday with a big party, the biggest in the world, and he filled everything with his best gifts for young and old. Now he says that he doesn't want to celebrate it, that none of you really like his party, that you just want other things ... may I know what they did to him?

Most of those present began to realize what they had messed with. Then an old toymaker, one who had never spoken at those meetings, approached the boy, got down on his knees, and said:

- Sorry, my God; I don't want any other gift other than yours. Although I did not know, you had always been delivering what neither the Kings nor Santa Claus, nor anyone else could carry: love, peace, and joy. And last year I missed them so much ... forgive me.

One after another, they all apologized to the child, recognizing that the best Christmas gifts were his, those that fill the hearts of people with good feelings, and make the world a little better every Christmas...

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