Babushka. Russian Christmas legend for kids

Babushka. Russian Christmas legend for kids

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Christmas is celebrated in almost all countries. But not all share the same tradition. While in countries like Spain it is the Three Wise Men from the East who visit children on the night of January 5, in other places it is Santa Claus who comes to their homes.

In Russia, children receive Babushka's gifts, an endearing old woman who goes through all the houses to surprise the little ones. We tell you its story.

Babushka was an old woman who made handmade dolls. Of those wooden dolls painted by hand with cheerful colors, that hide inside another doll, and another, and another smaller one.

Babushka would have loved to have children, but it could not be, so she was very lonely and that is why she dedicated herself to creating her dolls to sell them and to survive.

One cold winter night, Babushka awoke with a start. His room was lit so brightly, it felt like daytime. The old woman looked out of the window and saw a beautiful star that seemed to say to her: 'come, follow me'. But Babushka was cold. He thought it was crazy to go out at that hour, and went back to his bed.

The next night, Babushka could not sleep either. This time a crash woke her up. Trumpets and harps would not stop playing. As she leaned out the window, the old woman saw a group of angels who said to her:

- 'Babushka, come with us. We are going to Bethlehem to meet the Child Jesus, who has just been born. '

But Babushka saw the snow fall and thought it was very cold. He decided to go back to his bed.

On the third night, Babushka awoke with a start to the sound of horses' hooves. This time, looking out, he saw the three Wise Men from the East, who told him:

- 'Come with us, sweet old lady. We are going to Bethlehem, to adore the child God, who has just been born. '

Babushka hesitated, but preferred to return to her bed. It was still snowing, and it must have been very cold outside.

The next morning, Babushka regretted it. He thought he should go see the baby JesusSo she took her dolls and went to Bethlehem. But when he arrived, there was no one in the manger. Babushka was saddened. He decided that to make up for that, from then on, every December 24, the night Jesus was born, he would go house to house to leave the children a gift. That gift that he would have liked to give the child God

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