Original Christmas card with a 3D reindeer. Crafts with children

Original Christmas card with a 3D reindeer. Crafts with children

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The Christmas o Christmas cards are postcards that are traditionally sent by mail to our family and friends, and that serve to congratulate the holidays and send them our best wishes during these important dates.

To do this, you can buy a Christmas greeting in any stationery or supermarket, but you can also do it as a family!


  • red tissue paper
  • glue stick
  • hot glue gun
  • brown marker
  • plastic eyes
  • Jingle Bell
  • brown, white and black cardstock
  • pencil and scissors
  • ruler and compass

Making a homemade Christmas dedication with your children is a very fun and emotional activity that you can carry out during the school holidays. In this way, you will spend time together and keep them entertained by making a nice craft.

In we propose this original Christmas card with a 3D reindeer.

This Christmas postcard is very colorful, because it is three-dimensional. But don't be fooled, because it is actually very simple to do. Thanks to step by step so easyYou can propose it to young children, although of course they will need some supervision.

You just have to follow the instructions step by step. We will tell you!

1. Start cutting out a rectangle 30 cm long by 15 cm wide on brown cardboard; and a square 13 cm long by 13 cm wide on white cardboard.

2. To continue with this craft, cut out 3 circles from brown cardboard with the following measurements: A large circle with a radius of 5 cm, a medium circle with a radius of 3 cm, and a small circle with a radius of 2 cm. We recommend that you use a compass so that all the circumferences are perfect. You also need to cut a 15 cm long by 1 cm wide strip to roll it into a small roll.

3. Fold the brown card in half, leaving the folded side at the top so that the postcard opens at the bottom. Glue the square of white construction paper to the front of the card making sure it is centered, and then glue the large circle of brown construction paper in the center. This is the body of the most Christmas reindeer. Draw the legs and tail freehand with the brown marker.

4. To make the head of the reindeer, paste the small circle at the bottom of the medium circle. Draw your reindeer's horns in 3D freehand on black card; cut out and glue the antlers on top, From behind.

5. Draw the ears freehand on brown construction paper; cut out and glue the ears next to the antlers, from the front.

6. Then glue eyes. Cut out a piece of red tissue paper, form a ball and glue it in the center to make the nose. Draw the mouth with the brown marker and trace the edge of the ears.

7. Do you remember the brown cardboard roll? Glue it to the center of the reindeer's body with the hot glue gun, and then glue the head you just made in the same way. This is how you will get the 3D effect!

8. To finish the decoration, hit the bell with the hot glue gun. From here, you can let your imagination fly and draw anything you want around the reindeer: a snowy landscape, a Christmas tree, other reindeer, Santa Claus ... Anything your children can think of! !

9. Finally, you can now cut another square 13 cm long by 13 cm wideor on white cardboard to write a message and stick it inside your Christmas postcard. You can put more emotional phrases like: "Family is the best Christmas gift" or "On these magical dates I send you my best wishes". But you can also choose funnier dedications such as: "Santa's reindeer and I wish you a Merry Christmas" or "With a shrimp and a mussel I give you a kiss. With a barnacle and my friendship Merry Christmas, and with my love worth an 'egg', Happy New Year. "

And you already have this original Christmas card with your 3D reindeer ready! Have you made Rudolph or another one of Santa's reindeer? Instead of a reindeer, you can make other Christmas characters like a snowman or a chubby Santa Claus.

The best thing about Christmas greetings is that after making them yourself by hand you can send them to your loved ones. Although sending letters is a tedious and somewhat old-fashioned experience for adults, for children it is a very innovative and exciting plan. In the 21st century, few people continue to use postal mail, so going to a mailbox and sending a letter can be a very fun plan for children.

For this reason, on our site we suggest that you involve your child in the whole experience of creating Christmas cards: from the design through the homemade manufacture to the purchase of the stamp, the excursion to the mailbox or the Post Office and the manager of sending the letter. You can send it to any family member (grandparents, uncles, cousins, brothers ...) or a friend.

Don't forget the envelope! You can buy it already made or make it yourself, it is not very complicated.

You can take advantage of this activity to explain to your child the whole process related to postal mail. Tell him about the postmen's job, which he may not know about, and tell him how the letters travel in trucks or boats until they reach their destination. Your child will be very excited to know that the card that you have created yourself has traveled so much before reaching his grandfather, uncle or friend.

Although it is easier to take a Christmas photo and send it as a WhatsApp photo with a dedication, we suggest that you recover and make your child participate in a tradition so beautiful that it is gradually being lost: sending letters by post.

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