Chestnuts passed through water. Children's story about empathy at Christmas

The Children's Stories They are an excellent tool for educating children in values. They offer you the possibility of reflecting with your children on the need to help others, to try to know how they feel, to be generous ... And more so during a moment as special as Christmas time!

Therefore, in our site we propose a story for children called "Chestnuts soaked in water"which talks about empathy at Christmas.

Mrs. Rabbit every winter put his chestnut stand in the same crossing of the Animaland village. It was an event highly anticipated by all, because it was the signal that announced that Christmas would soon arrive.

All the little ones liked to go around Mrs. Rabbit's stall to feel the warmth of the big stove and see how the chestnuts were roasted without ever burning. And at five o'clock in the afternoon, Mr. Fox always appeared loaded with the newspapers of the day before, with which Mrs. Rabbit made funny cones to wrap her chestnuts.

Nevertheless, Sunday it started to rain. At first it was a few drops, but little by little the rain was gaining intensity. The bravest, who did not want to run out of their chestnuts, approached the stand under their umbrellas. But each time the puddles were bigger and you could hardly see in so much rain.

It rained so much that the water destroyed the small stall and the storm washed the chestnuts down the street towards the river. Mrs. Rabbit didn't know what to do to save her chestnuts and was afraid that Animaland Village would not have a warm chestnut Christmas this year. Worried and scared, she screamed for help.

Mr. Bird, who was flying with his family underwater to take a good bath, listened to poor Mrs. Rabbit. For a moment he put himself in the place of the chestnut tree and realized that he needed help. If he found himself in that situation, he would also want help. She quickly organized her little ones so that, from heaven, they would not lose sight of the journey that the chestnuts had undertaken.

Thanks to the help of Mr. Bird and his family, who continuously monitored all the chestnuts, Mr. Fish was able to retrieve them all from the river by knowing their exact position.

The chestnuts were saved and together they rebuilt Mrs. Rabbit's little stall in time to celebrate Christmas. How important it is to be supportive of your neighbors!

In addition to enjoying this beautiful story as a family, take advantage of the story to reflect with your child on the values ​​of Christmas. Make him understand that during this magical time, gifts are the least of it.

Just as the inhabitants of Animaland went out of their way to the chestnut tree when she was going to lose her chestnuts, the family can also help others who are having difficulties. Generosity, empathy and solidarity are three of the most important values on which these parties are sustained.

Beyond the debate that this story may generate, we propose some questions that will help you to check if your children have understood what they have read. Therefore, you can do them once you have finished reading it.

1. What did Mrs. Rabbit do?

2. Why were all the inhabitants of Animaland eager for him to open his stall?

3. What happened that the chestnuts were about to go bad?

4. Who helped Mrs. Rabbit save the chestnuts?

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