9 unmissable Christmas markets in Spain. Christmas plans with children

9 unmissable Christmas markets in Spain. Christmas plans with children

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Every year, many parents have the same question: what do we do with the children so that they do not get bored during the December holidays? To prevent your children from spending all day watching television or playing with the tablet, we propose different Christmas plans to enjoy with children. On this occasion, we focus on one of the most fun and special activities that can only be done at this time: a trip to a Christmas market.

In we have made a list with the best Christmas markets in SpainThose that you cannot miss if you live here or are going to make a very special trip during this time. You will want to go to all of them!

1 The Christmas market in the Plaza Mayor in Madrid
For many Madrileños, going to the Christmas market that is held every year in the Plaza Mayor in Madrid has already become a custom to repeat. It is one of the oldest and most traditional in all of Spain. In its more than 100 small stores, which look like movie Christmas houses, you can find all kinds of figurines for the Nativity scene: large, small, handmade, plastic ... And many accessories for your birth: bridges, flocks of sheep, mills, decorative houses, rivers, shepherds ... If you like to put together a large and complete Nativity scene, you cannot miss a visit to this Christmas market.

2 The beautiful flea market in Valencia
In the Valencia Christmas market you can find all kinds of garlands, balls for the tree, socks for Santa Claus to leave gifts, figures for the nativity scene ... Children cannot help but be enraptured with so much color in the stalls! ! But, in addition, in this market you can taste some typical delicacies of the Christmas period, which will make your excursion round. You can eat some delicious roasted chestnuts!

3 The Christmas market in Bilbao
In Bilbao there is also a nice Christmas scene full of booths with figurines and Christmas decorations. Bailén Street fills with stalls where local handicraft Christmas objects are sold. One of the most important Basque and Navarrese Christmas figures is that of Olentzero, as the Basque Santa Claus is known. This magical charcoal burner is in charge of bringing gifts to the children of the area and is present at this market.

4 The magical market of Barcelona
The Fira de Santa Llúcia (the Santa Lucia Fair) is one of the most magical corners of Barcelona during Christmas. Around the cathedral, in one of the most special locations in the city, there are different stands filled with balls and small figures of Santa Claus. How could it be otherwise, in this market you can also find the caganers, typical figures of Catalonia that are worn at births. Children tend to find it very funny because, as the name suggests, these characters are crouched while they relieve themselves.

5 An unmissable Christmas market: the one in Seville
Seville is another of the Spanish cities that decorates itself at Christmas. Although there are several markets, larger and smaller, that are put on the streets, the most special is the one located in the center. This Christmas market offers more than shopping, since one of its great attractions are the workshops and games that are organized for the little ones. Your children will have a great time with the different activities they propose while you enjoy their smiles and a rich Andalusian recipe.

6 Santander and its beautiful Christmas market
The Santander Christmas market is a classic that the surrounding families are waiting for every year. It is typical to buy an ornament made by an artisan in the area and then place it at home to decorate Christmas Eve and New Year's Eve dinners.

7 The Salamanca Christmas market
From the moment you walk through the great door of lights in the Alamedilla park in Salamanca, you realize that Christmas has arrived. In its market you can find beautiful pieces of Christmas decoration, but also rich sweets typical of this time. It offers a very attractive Christmas plan with children for these holidays.

8 Live Christmas in the Zaragoza market
When the lights come on, Christmas comes to Zaragoza. If you are going to be around, you can go to the Christmas market that is in Plaza del Pilar, where the beautiful basilica is located. Handlers and tourists take advantage of the stalls to buy some pieces of Christmas crafts. You cannot miss either (although it is difficult not to see it due to its large size), the birth with figures of five feet. There is also usually an ice rink for skating, another for sledding ... Great fun for children!

We can think of many reasons why you should go to a Christmas market with the kids. And the fact is that such an excursion cannot be missed!

- It's a fun plan
The Christmas holidays can be very boring for some children. The cold makes it impossible to go out to the park every day, many parents work, the wait until the Three Wise Men and Santa Claus arrive becomes unbearable ... Therefore, we have to find different plans with which we can take them off the screen of the mobile, tablet, television or game console. Going to a Christmas market is a great option in these circumstances.

- You can live Christmas as a family
The best way to experience Christmas is as a family and going on a trip to a Christmas market can be an ideal plan to share a beautiful time with everyone. You will have time to laugh, to play jokes, to talk ...

- It can become a family tradition
One of the reasons why Christmas is such a special time is because of the traditions that we carry out during these days. Each family has its own customs, which are built year after year, and many take the opportunity to go to a Christmas market during these days. The whole family will be looking forward to the days leading up to Christmas to do this little excursion. And, furthermore, as the years go by, you will remain united by this custom that you have established in your family.

- It will allow you to buy Christmas decorations
The Christmas markets are full of stalls selling various Christmas decorations. You can buy one or you can be inspired to make them yourself. So that your children do not associate the Christmas season with consumerism and voracious purchases, we suggest that you establish a limit on the things you are going to buy. You can choose them as a family so that everyone can participate in the purchase and decoration of the home.

- It will increase your Christmas spirit
Many don't start to feel the Christmas spirit until they see street lights on or toy commercials on television. Therefore, it will be to arrive at a Christmas market and the whole family will feel that Christmas is running through their veins. Remember that the Christmas spirit is much more than gifts and shopping. You must transmit to your children the values ​​related to Christmas such as generosity, love or empathy.

- You can sing Christmas songs
You can take advantage of the journey by car or public transport to prepare your visit to the market ... singing Christmas carols without stopping! There is no better soundtrack for this family outing. Here we propose some very funny ones.

- You will explore new cities
In this case, Christmas becomes the perfect excuse that will take you to explore cities to which you have never taken your children. In this way, you will be able to transmit to your child the need to know, explore and discover new places.

- You can take the opportunity to do an act of solidarity
Take advantage of your visit to the Christmas market to talk with your children about the solidarity of these dates. If you always have to extend a helping hand to those who need it most, during a period as magical as Christmas it is even more necessary. Therefore, we suggest you take advantage of this excursion to do an act of solidarity. You can encourage your children to donate a toy that they no longer use, you can prepare cookies to take them to an NGO ...

Have a great time at the Christmas market you go to!

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