Christmas holidays: cooking with the kids!

Christmas holidays: cooking with the kids!

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If you have not yet tried taking your child to the kitchen and preparing a special recipe with him, take advantage of the Christmas holidays to do so now. You will not regret it, it is a great way to spend an afternoon at home without the children getting tired and bored.

The kitchen will probably be 'sad', but you will leave with a smile from ear to ear and also with very full tummies. There is nothing better for a child than learning to do something new.

And if on top of that, that means putting your hands on the dough, getting your fingers dirty, trying different flavors, and do experimentsbetter than better.

Prepare yourself a kitchen recipe, appetizers or canap├ęs, in addition to saving, it offers a pleasant time, and more homemade and natural dishes.

In you can find many kid-oriented recipes, although in 'cooking with children', the recipes are selected considering the capacities of the little ones.

Tissues, muffins, sandwiches, waffles ... and even sweets, are some of the recipes that you can make. Cooking with the little ones in the house is a real pleasure for everyone.

Choosing the recipe, gathering the ingredients and all the material they will need, combining flavors and textures, is something that can even change the conception of children about food and food.

Cooking is also playing, learning, an exquisite and tasty way to educate. Well, with that said, I hope you get the idea and invite your son to the kitchen soon. Then tell us about your experience. How everything turned out for you, or if you have any recipe suggestions for us to develop.

If you are looking for fun recipes for an afternoon in the kitchen with your children, here is a simple, inexpensive and very easy recipe to make with children. Besides, they are going to do it themselves A healthy recipe, ideal for dessert or a snack: A sweet Santa made with strawberries and cream. Kids will suck their fingers!

To make these Santa Claus dolls, you will need:

- Strawberries (preferably large)

- Whipped cream

- Chocolate noodles

The first thing they have to do is clean, wash and dry the strawberries well. Cut one by one in half, so that the bottom is larger. The next step is to put whipped cream between the two parts and put them together. With the cream, make the pompom of Santa's hat and the buttons on his 'tummy'. And finally, use chocolate noodles to imitate Santa's eyes. And we already have our Santa Claus dolls!

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