10 benefits of origami for kids

10 benefits of origami for kids

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Origami or origami is a Japanese art in which through the folding the paper produces different figures and shapes. From the classic paper boat to much more elaborate elements.

The practice of origami is beneficial for everyone, but it can stimulate children both physically and mentally. It is a challenge for them and a challenge with which in addition to having fun they are learning.

1- Helps develop hand-eye coordination, and fine motor skills. These stimuli exercise the muscles, nerves and bones of the hand, which gradually gain strength and prepare for writing.

2- Stimulates concentration
Origami requires attention and mental effort to fold the paper in the correct order and thus achieve the desired figure. It therefore encourages the child to maintain his concentration for a period of time in the same activity and thus activate a pattern of attention in a task.

3- Activate the memory
The first times the child makes an origami figure, he has to follow some instructions, however, as long as they are not very complicated initially, it will help him to remember them and he can make the origami figure himself. Therefore it tests your memory.

4- Develop patience
The figures do not always come out the first time, therefore the child will have to be constant and patient to achieve his goal.

5- Boost emotional satisfaction
The child feels satisfied with having made something with his own hands, the pleasure of getting something done by himself.

6- Fosters the imagination
The child can create his own paper figures created by himself, a great stimulus to creativity.

7- It is a relaxing activity
Many find origami a way to relax and forget about other problems or moments of stress.

8- Stimulates effort and work
To achieve the desired figure, precision work must be done and the child has to make an effort if he wants to achieve the goal.

9- Encourage learning
It helps children understand spatial concepts such as up, down, front and back and develops logical and mathematical thinking.

10- Stimulates children with disorders
It is very useful for the treatment of certain disorders such as ADHD, hyperactivity or dyslexia.

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