Parents and children we should give thanks every day

Parents and children we should give thanks every day

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All celebrations have something in common, the desire to share. Celebrating something means gathering around a good table where a special meal will not be missing and where the protagonists will be family and friends, all loved ones, who are ultimately the people who matter most to us and, therefore, make us happier.

Give thanks around a table It has religious connotations, but it can also be for many a simple act of gratitude for what life is giving us with our effort, with dedication to our children and with the daily struggle for work, housing and food. It serves many of us for realize what we have and value itSince as a reference we must never forget that the one who has the most is not the happiest, but that true happiness lies in valuing what one has.

The Thanksgiving Day or Thanksgiving Day It is a celebration with a lot of tradition and antiquity, which opens the prelude to the Christmas festivities, since it takes place on the fourth Thursday of November. It mobilizes families around a large roast turkey, served with corn, sweet potatoes, squash, mashed potatoes, and cranberry or blueberry sauce.

This Thanksgiving Day gives us the opportunity to get together with family members, as well as the possibility of having a long weekend or also that it is the indicator to celebrate the holidays. And also, it makes us nostalgic because it reminds us of the enormous distance that separates us from our family and friends, whom we love so much, and who today are, in some way, very present in our minds and in our hearts.

But,What is the true meaning of Thanksgiving Day? A gesture of friendship. Apparently the first settlers to disembark with the Mayflower at Plymouth were starved and had no resources to stock up on food. An Indian handed them some maize seeds that they grew and taught them to fish.

Thanks to that, the following year, the colonists gathered their harvest and celebrated their abundance of food with a feast in which they shared turkeys, geese, corn, lobsters, clams, pumpkins and squash, and nuts. Although for a few years it could not be held again due to problems with the Indians, the spirit of sharing the teachings and the fruits of the effort made, lasted over time and with the passing of the years was finally established on the fourth Thursday of November.

For us, each day can be a day of gratitude, a day of thanksgiving, with full meaning. The harsh conditions of life for some, the effort and struggle it represents for others to get by every day, deserves its reward. Knowing how to appreciate the achievements is the most important thing for those who yearn to be happy. Shared, life is more rewarding.

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