How to protect children in case of fire

How to protect children in case of fire

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A candle, a badly extinguished cigarette, a short circuit ... there are many ways to start a fire inside the home. Flames and smoke spread rapidly and we must know what to do and how to protect the little ones.

Since We offer you a series of tips so that you know how to act in case of fire inside your home.

1. Call the emergency services.

2. Don't use water to put out the fire if you think the source of the fire is electrical.

3. Do not open doors and windows. The incoming air can further fan the fire.

4. If you have close a fire extinguisher and the fire is small, please use it.

5. If there is smoke, ask the children to squat down and crawl. Remember that the smoke goes up.

6. If you can, moisten a cloth and use it to cover nose and mouth.

7. If your clothing catches fire, never run. Drop to the ground and roll to turn it off.

8. Never use the elevator or lift.

9. Before opening a door, touch the handle or door. If it's hot, don't open it, because there may be fire behind.

10. Panic is the worst ally. In case you get caught, try to stay calm. Cover the slits to try to stop the smoke and flames and raise a voice of alarm.

To avoid an accident of these characteristics, it is best to constantly check all electrical and gas appliances. But in addition, these tips can also be useful:

- If you can, install a smoke detector.

- Make sure you have a fire extinguisher nearby.

- Do not forget to check the electricity keys and electrical and gas appliances.

- Do not overload the electrical installation.

- Do not plug many electrical appliances into the same thief.

- Never leave a candle lit, or the oven or the ceramic hob lit if you are going to be away.

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