5 children's games to face fears on Halloween

5 children's games to face fears on Halloween

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Fear is a feeling that invades us adults and children at different times in life. Managing to face them and, above all, overcome them, is part of learning in childhood.

To help children face their fears, you don't have to put more fear into them, you have to reinvent their fears. How? Well, playing with fantasy and imagination. Only then will children begin to see fear as something fun and consequently, surmountable.

In We show you how you can help your children face the most common fears in childhood: monsters, the dark, being alone ... And how will we do it? We will take advantage of Halloween night to remind children that we all feel fear but that they should not block us and we will achieve it in an original and fun way ... with games!

1. Gift in the dark
An ideal game for children who are afraid of the dark. We will hide a Halloween pumpkin in a room and the child must search in the dark with the incentive to find the pumpkin, forgetting his fear of being in the dark.

2. Hunt monsters
Hide pictures or dolls of monsters, ghosts and witches in all the rooms. Start a search in the dark with the help of a flashlight. Leave them all in a cardboard box that will be the "monster catcher".

3. Chinese shadows
Cut out figures of ghosts or monsters and set up a shadow theater in the room. Play voices and encourage them to speak for the monsters. They will see that nothing happens, that they are only shadows.

4. The box of fears
Ask your child to tell you what his fears are. Prepare cards in which you will write each fear. Then you will put the cards inside the box and close it with tape or tape. Your child will explain that fears cannot overcome us or prevent them from doing things, so we must lock them up and, if one day they open the box and escape, we will put them back inside.

5. Strange noises
We will blindfold the child and make noise with different objects, whether it be the creaking of the wood on the floor, a toy that falls to the ground, a bell ... The child must guess what is making the noise.

Children 4-5 years
Tell your child a story by inventing something, an object closer and known to the child, which is like a magic wand to give him security. In the story of Dumbo, for example, he loses his fear of flying thanks to a magic feather that gave him security.

Children 6 to 7 years
Accompany your child in fear. Make him feel safe through games. Flashlight play in the dark is a good example. If the child imagines the presence of witches and / or monsters in his room at night, play with him during the day, turning off the lights in the room and pretending to be a detective, or a pirate in search of treasure. Thus, little by little, your child will get used to the dark.

Children from 8 to 10 years
At these ages fear can already be explained and the child can be given autonomy to resolve them. The child has to get involved. Feel involved and love it. Feeling that your fear is meaningless. The child must be induced to find his own solution. It is essential that you are convinced that your fear has to end. If he continues to be afraid and you see that it is harming him in his studies and in his daily life, seek the help of a specialist in psychology.

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