Ideas to celebrate Halloween with children

Ideas to celebrate Halloween with children

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The October 31 is celebrated the night of All Saints, the night of witches and ghosts. The known Halloween night which is increasingly celebrated in many corners of the world, especially in Anglo-Saxon countries, comes from a very ancient Celtic tradition, which converted the religious sense of celebrating the All Saints festival, to celebrate the night of fear instead and of terror. If you are thinking of celebrating a party or want to do some original activity with your children, we propose all these ideas to celebrate Halloween with children.

The word Halloween comes from 'All hallow’s eve', an Old English word, and it means 'All Hallows Eve'. When you talk about Halloween or Halloween, you think of pumpkins, bats, parties, children, witch costumes, ghosts and mummies, although at the beginning, a long time ago, not everything was that happy and festive.

October 31 is a date associated with the dead, souls, witches, spells ... due to its proximity to All Saints 'Day or All Souls' Day, which is celebrated on November 1.

Here you will find endless ideas about recipes, games, songs, costumes or makeup to organize a Halloween party with children.

Halloween makeup step by step. If you have always wanted to give the final touch to your child's costume with an original and very special makeup, follow our step by step, and you will be able to make up your child as a vampire, witch, pumpkin, catrina ... They are very simple makeups to do . You don't have to be an expert to put makeup on your children.

Halloween costumes. Costumes are a resource widely used by children in the celebration of the Halloween party. With that in mind, our site has selected some easy and simple costume ideas for kids. Costumes of witches, ghosts, mummies, dragon, fairies, skulls, and many more.

How to make a pumpkin. Craft to decorate the children's Halloween party. Halloween pumpkin. The Halloween pumpkin is the best-known ornament of this celebration, so if you are going to celebrate a scary party, don't forget to prepare this terrifying children's craft to decorate your home.

Halloween crafts. Halloween craft ideas for kids. The Halloween party is an ideal occasion to prepare original and terrifying crafts with children. our site proposes you some crafts made with toilet paper roll and egg boxes.

Makeup for Halloween. If you are thinking of doing a scary makeup for your children, look at those makeup proposals for a children's Halloween. We have witch, skull, bat, vampire, pumpkin makeup, and many more, so that children can enjoy Halloween in a healthy and fun way.

Crafts with pumpkins. Halloween pumpkins. Activities with pumpkins for children on Halloween. On our site we teach you different ways to make recipes, crafts or games with pumpkins for the Halloween party.

Decorate the house on Halloween. Happy Halloween. Decoration for Halloween. How we can decorate the house for the children's Halloween party. Crafts, drawings, costumes, recipes, cobwebs, pumpkins ... everything can be decorated.

Coloring Pages. A selection of Halloween drawings to print and color with children. With the excuse of Halloween we set up a very entertaining children's activity: coloring pictures of pumpkins, bat, ghosts, witches ... Children's activity with Halloween pictures to print and color.

The origin of Halloween. The traditional costumes for children's Halloween. What does history say about the tradition of costumes on Halloween night. What is the origin of Halloween costumes. Costumes of witches, ghosts, mummies, skulls, vampires ... why do they exist?

Recipes for Halloween. Fun and creative Halloween recipe ideas for kids. our site proposes a selection of recipes for the children's Halloween party, a traditional festival that, although it has been celebrated recently, has generated a lot of interest among children and adults.

Movies for Halloween. We have selected some scary films for children to enjoy with their friends and family. Movies are a good resource for children to share movies with their friends. Scary films are ideal to celebrate Halloween with children.

Scary jokes for Halloween. We offer you a selection of short jokes that cause fear and laughter, at the same time, to children. Jokes about ghosts, witches, vampires ... Have a fun time with your children and laugh non-stop. We tell you 10 short scary jokes for the whole family. Teach them to your children and laugh with them.

Scary tales for Halloween. Enjoy the best scary stories with your children. So that children can dismantle their fears and accept them, on our site we have selected a series of short stories that talk about fear or whose protagonists feel fear. A great way to celebrate Halloween with children.

Origami videos for Halloween. Videos with proposals for origami crafts for children's Halloween. We teach you to make, according to the origami technique, original Halloween crafts for children. How to make a pumpkin, a skull, a witch's hat, a bat, a vampire and other scary characters.

Games to face fears. Children's games to face fear on Halloween. On our site we show you how you can help your children face the most common fears in childhood. We will take advantage of Halloween night to remind the children that we all feel fear but that we will manage to face them in a fun way ... with games!

Magic trick for Halloween. Here's a fabulous Halloween night magic trick. It is the story of four little monsters who look for an inn and find a mysterious hotel ... surprising!

Halloween stories for children. Halloween stories for children, which will provide them with very funny moments and will also encourage them to read. On our site we made a selection of the best scary stories for you to read with your children at the Halloween party. Scary story ideas for children.

Halloween songs for children. Selection of the best Halloween songs for children, whose protagonists are terrifying and very funny characters. our site has selected ideal songs to entertain your children and perfect for them to enjoy their catchy musical rhythm.

Actually, many writers agree that Halloween was the main festival of the Celts. Thousands of years ago, the Celts lived in what we now know as Great Britain, and they celebrated the new year on November 1.

On the eve, during the night of October 31, all the people of the village gathered, bonfires were lit, and they disguised themselves with the skins of the sacrificed animals as a way to drive away the witches and evil spirits; It turns out that the Celts believed that the dead returned in the night of Samhain, knight and lord of death.

That the dead communicated with the living and asked them for food. And in the event that their requests were not met, they cursed and made the frightened villagers victims of their spells. Hence comes the custom of order sweets and treats on Halloween night. 'Either you give me or I make you a mischief' ('Trick or Treat', trick or treat).

All that history has generated many legends. The holiday came to the United States through small communities of Irish Catholics in the mid-19th century and the tradition spread throughout the rest of the world.

Who said there are no poems to celebrate Halloween with children? The poetess Marisa Alonso Santamaría, has written this poetry especially for the readers of our site:

The dead have awakened.

surrounded by mystery,

have come out of their graves

and adorn the cemetery.

Zombies open their arms

giving great screams,

and the owls and vampires

they leave their nests empty.

For the shadows to play

they have lit the candles.

They weave giant spiders,

long shreds of cloth.

And when the full moon rises

with the most dancing zombies,

the worms wriggle

and the mice jump.

And the children ask for sweets

while having a good time,

decorating pumpkins,

and yelling, 'Trick or treat!'

Happy Halloween everyone!

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