Hygiene measures for children in public toilets

Hygiene measures for children in public toilets

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Often times, using a public toilet is such an unpleasant experience that we would not recommend it to our worst enemy. How could that get there? Has there been a toilet paper war? Hasn't he opened the toilet? Sometimes the smell is the least of it ... and that is to say. As adults, we are more or less capable of deal with so much dirt around us, without touching anything and walking on tiptoe, but we do not want our child to go through such an experience. However, when he tells you that he wants to pee (especially when you are removing his diaper), there is no choice but to run to the first bathroom you find.

Therefore, in these cases (and even when the bathroom has not been the battlefield of a nuclear war) it is necessary to be extremely neat. Remember, and apply, somehygiene measures for children in public toilets It is essential to avoid problems such as diarrhea caused by bacteria such as E.coli.

Jessica Wayman is an American mother who has made this photo viral, in which you can see a public toilet baby changing table full of black marks. As she herself explains in the Facebook post that has traveled the world, these stains could be drug remains. He wonders if we really want to expose our babies to these types of substances, even if only in a residual way.

With this image she sends a message about the importance of cleaning public changing rooms well before supporting the child; always, even in a hurry. And, no matter how much a blanket or towel is used so that the baby is not in direct contact with the plastic, it could get dirty and who knows if at any other time you are going to clean his face with it.

Whether it is due to the dirt on the toilet, the changing table or the bathroom itself, it does not hurt to remember some hygiene measures that should always be observed in a public bathroom, especially if you go with children.

1. Wash your hands, always
This may be the golden rule that should always be followed when using a public restroom. Washing your hands with soap and water after using the service is essential to eliminate a large amount of bacteria from our hands.

You have to teach your child to wash their hands well. First it has to be wet with water. Then put a little soap on the palm to rub everywhere (the back, between the fingers, the beginning of the wrist) for about 15 seconds. After this time, tell him to put his hands under the tap water again to remove all the dirt. Lastly, give him some paper towels to dry his hands.

We recommend that you turn off the tap with that same wipe so you don't have to touch the contaminated surface. In case the soap has run out, use a liquid disinfectant that you can always carry in your bag.

2. To sit on the toilet
If your child has to sit on the toilet, make sure you cover it well with toilet paper. Lift the lid, cover everything with paper and lower it again so that the strips are caught and cannot fall if the child moves.

If this method does not convince you, because they always end up moving, you can buy a pack of disposable toilet protectors and always carry it in your bag.

3. The floor paper is not touched
In the absence of a roll of paper available, children may be tempted to pick up the one on the floor. It must always be prevented because it will most certainly be full of bacteria and dirt. For these cases (and for emergencies), always have a pack of tissues nearby, although it will not hurt to carry some wet wipes with you.

4. Lower the lid before pulling the tank
When your child is finished, use a piece of paper to lower the lid before pulling the cistern. This simple gesture can prevent all the bacteria in the toilet from being spread throughout the bathroom by the force of the water. Remember that everyone squeezes the lever after relieving themselves, so many germs accumulate in it. Take some paper so as not to touch the button on the chain.

5. Prevent your child from touching the walls
The walls are expected to be less dirty than the toilet itself, right? Probably for this reason they tend to be cleaned less and, therefore, accumulate a lot of dirt that cannot be seen. Also, you never know if the people who came in before you have closed the toilet seat before pulling the lever.

6. Clean the changing table well
As the case of this American mother has indicated, you always have to clean the changing table in public bathrooms to prevent your child's towel from becoming contaminated. To do this, you can use the wet cloths that you use to clean your baby or a little wet paper with a drop of soap.

7. Make your child aware of these hygiene measures
We already know that children do not learn from advice, but from example, so it is best that they see you complying with all hygiene measures scrupulously. However, it does not hurt to chat with him to raise awareness.

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