Aurelio the indecisive centipede. Funny story for children

Aurelio the indecisive centipede. Funny story for children

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To bring the child closer to reading and make him fall in love with it, it is essential to get the type of stories he reads right. If the child reads books that are boring or uninteresting, he will be reluctant to spend some of his time between the pages of the book. However, if the book is attractive and captivates you, you will want more.

To get them "hooked" on reading, you can try funny stories for kids like this, Aurelio, the indecisive centipede.

A centipede passed a shoe store and decided to buy some nice orange patent leather boots, which he had seen in the window. Aurelio, who was called the centipede, had a little problem: he had a hard time making decisions. Everyone knew him there from Aurelio, the indecisive one.

When he came in to buy them, the shop assistant, who already knew him, threw his hands on his head.

"Please, I want to try on those red boots," Aurelio said to the clerk, changing his mind as he entered the store.

- What number do you spend? - Asked the clerk politely, already knowing the answer.

"Number 39," said Aurelio, the undecided one.

When she had finished putting them on, some green boots caught her eye, and she decided to try those on as well.

"Please, I'd like to try on those green boots from the second shelf," he said again, addressing the clerk.

He was deciding whether to keep the red boots or the green ones, when he saw some beautiful high-heeled boots that he loved.

- Please, can I have those high-heeled boots? - He said again to the clerk, who snorted loudly as he turned around and looked at the sky, without saying anything.

Aurelio was walking along the carpet in the store with all his boots on, looking thoughtfully at himself in the mirror, deciding which one to buy, and out of the corner of his eye, he saw some zip-up boots reflected in the mirror.

- Can I have those nice zipper boots? - I think those are going to be the ones I finally choose.

The clerk, cross-eyed, this time without concealment, glared at him and with a smack, went in search of the new boots.

Aurelio, the indecisive centipede, went back to walking the carpet with all his boots on: the red ones, the green ones, the high heels, the zipper ones. He went around and around looking at himself in the store mirror, still not deciding on any of them.

- Ayyyyy, I can't believe it! - He exclaimed happily, going to a new shelf where there were some lace-up boots. Those, I want those boots! They are beautiful!

The clerk breathed a sigh of relief, seeing that Aurelio had finally made up his mind. He went to look for his number in the back room and, immediately, he came back very serious, and said on the verge of crying:

- I don't have that number left.

After reading this children's story, we are going to practice the children's reading comprehension, let's see if they have understood the reading:

- Who is the protagonist of the story?

- What nickname did Aurelio have?

- Where does the story take place?

- Can you name any kind of shoes out of all the ones that were tried on?

- How does the story end?

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