The benefits of grapes for children and pregnant women

The benefits of grapes for children and pregnant women

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The grape is a wonderful fruit, with fantastic benefits for children, pregnant women and the elderly. However, in the case of younger children, caution must be exercised, as it is a fruit that carries a high risk of choking.

With a little care with the little ones, and in different and attractive dishes (and of course, also whole), the truth is that the grape provides us with great advantages. We explain what are the main benefits of grapes for children and pregnant women.

Discover the wonderful properties of grapes, a late summer and early fall fruit that the whole family can benefit from:

1. Antioxidants. Among all the properties of the grape, without a doubt, the one that stands out the most is its great contribution in antioxidants, necessary for cell renewal. Antioxidants fight free radicals, substances that can damage DNA. That is why it is so necessary for pregnant women and of course, also for children.

2. Great contribution of energy. Yes, grapes provide a large amount of carbohydrates. That is why they are so good for children with low weight, but do not think that the glycemic contribution is too high: despite the 'bad tongues', grapes do not get so fat.

3. Lots of fiber. One of the main problems during pregnancy is constipation. Grapes help to ensure a good supply of fiber, something that will also come in handy for children.

4. Vitamin C. If you thought that vitamin C is only a thing of citrus, you are mistaken. Many fruits and vegetables provide interesting amounts of vitamin C. Among them, grapes. And you already know that vitamin C acquires a very important role in the formation of tissues, tendons, ligaments ... It is essential during pregnancy, and also for children, due to its important role in helping in the absorption of iron, which helps prevent anemia.

5. Beta carotenes. Although grapes are not orange, they also provide beta-carotene, a precursor to vitamin A, so good for the skin and eyes. Beta carotenes stimulate the immune system helping the defenses (white blood cells) to prepare against possible 'intruders'.

6. Among the minerals that contribute, are potassium, copper and iron. To a lesser extent, also small amounts of calcium, phosphorus and magnesium.

7. Water. The grape contributes to the hydration of the body, since 80% of its composition is water. Hence its purifying capacity. It is therefore excellent to ensure that children (who have such a hard time drinking water) are hydrated.

8. Improves mood. Its energy intake helps improve mood and fight fatigue. Ideal for school-age children and for pregnant women in their last stage of pregnancy (which is when physical fatigue appears to a greater extent).

9. Good against fluid retention. Its draining and beneficial action for the kidneys, make it an ideal fruit for pregnant women who suffer from fluid retention.

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