Arabic proverbs to educate children

Arabic proverbs to educate children

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In the Arab culture we find endless proverbs and ancestral sayings that contain all their wisdom. These phrases were transmitted from generation to generation orally until in the 8th century they began to be collected in written texts.

In We offer you a selection of Arabic proverbs that can be used to educate your children in values, to motivate them and teach them to behave.

1- If the easy is comfortable for you, start with the difficult
It is preferable to do before those tasks that are heavy or more complicated.

2- A book is like a garden that you carry in your pocket
Books contain great knowledge and great wisdom in a very small format.

3- If you have a friend, visit him frequently, as weeds and thorns invade the road where no one passes
Friendship must be cared for and pampered every day.

4- Patience is the key to the solution
Patience is one of the most important values ‚Äč‚Äčthat we must cultivate in our children because thanks to it they will be able to carry out many things.

5- Punish those who are envious by doing them good
A phrase that helps teach our children that revenge is not always the way.

6- Do not open your lips if you are not sure that what you are going to say is more beautiful than silence
Children have to learn that you don't have to talk just to talk, there are times to do it and others to listen.

7- I complained because I didn't have shoes until I met a man who had no feet
We should not complain about what we do not have, or envy others, there are many other people who have less than we do.

8- In the abundance of water, the fool is thirsty
Some people are not satisfied with anything, you have to teach children to value what they have.

9- In difficult moments you meet your friends
Real friends will be there for good and bad, those who come and go are not really.

10- Wisdom is not transferred, it is learned
A phrase to motivate children to learn and improve every day.

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