14 tips for your child not to eat junk food

14 tips for your child not to eat junk food

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You will agree that there is 'junk food'. Is that type of diet that does not bring great benefits to children, If not the opposite. They tend to offer fast-absorbing hydrates and a lot of 'bad' fat. By also including a lot of sodium and sugar, they become tasty and addictive. Potato chips, industrial pastries ...

We know that this type of diet is not healthy for children, but why do they end up falling for it? And most importantly: How to avoid it? Here you will find the reasons why children eat junk food and 14 tips for your child not to eat junk food.

Junk food is one of the main reasons for the increase in obesity and overweight among children. And even knowing it, children continue to consume this type of food. The reason? Rather there are several reasons, depending on nutritionist Natalie Muth of the American Academy of Pediatrics. Among them, these are the most common:

1. Healthy food is more expensive. It is true, one of the 'hooks' for so many children to consume this type of food is the affordable price for the most basic economies. In fact, this is the first reason why children with fewer economic resources are the ones who resort to this type of diet the most.

2. I don't have time to cook. Another excuse of parents who end up abusing this type of food is that they are much faster to prepare. In the absence of time for working parents, many turn to the easy: a pre-cooked dish that only needs a few minutes in the microwave.

3. My son does not like vegetables or fruits ... Many parents make the excuse of not being able to give their children healthy food because they don't like it. Sure, kids obviously prefer the sweet taste of a chocolate puff palm tree than a plate of chard.

Faced with the reasons why so many children eat junk food, American pediatrician and nutritionist Natalie Muth, proposes all these solutions or tips for your child not to eat junk food:

- Faced with the excuse that healthy food is more expensive:

1. In reality, eating out will always be more expensive than eating at home if you plan well.

2. Fresh foods may be more expensive, but frozen foods and canned foods are not, and they will always be more nutritious than 'junk' food.

3. If you eat canned food, rinse it well before consuming it, as it tends to contain excess salt.

4. Plan your purchase well, making sure that you buy only what is necessary and always looking for the best price

5. Always compare the prices of the same products in different supermarkets.

- Faced with the excuse of lack of time to prepare a healthy menu:

6. During the weekend, prepare the food you will need during the week. You can cut and chop vegetables and store them in tuppers.

7. Fruit pieces do not take a long time to prepare and are excellent on a children's menu. It can be a snack.

8. Do your research because there are many recipes that do not take a long time and are healthy.

- Given the excuse that my son does not like healthy food ...

9. You can get used to eating well your child as a baby. It is the ideal time to make contact with all foods. If you offer him junk food since he is a baby, he will get used to it.

10. Your child may not like peaches, and he does like bananas. Look within the family of fruits and vegetables for those that your child may like.

11. Let your child cook with you. It is proven that the majority of children who help to cook show an interest in trying all foods.

12. Play to give creative names to the dishes. If you offer your child a plate of chard, the same does not find it attractive: How about if it is called 'magic preparation with superpowers'?

13. Set an example. If your child sees you eat fruits and vegetables, they will become familiar with it and it will be easier for them to imitate you.

14. Try fun and original recipes. There are many ways to present a dish. If you make some carrots with rice and peas really a mysterious forest, your child will find it more tempting when it comes to eating food.

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