What is taping. Therapeutic bandage for children

What is taping. Therapeutic bandage for children

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It is increasingly common to see adults and especially athletes who wear elastic tapes (taping) in different parts of the body, striking and colorful; legs, arms, back and even feet. But these bandages are beginning to be used also in children and with objectives within the approach of Speech Therapy. They are often mistaken for bandages or even band-aids, but they really have many other benefits.

Today we tell you curiosities about this new technique; what is taping, what is your application of therapeutic bandage for children

Faced with new techniques, it is logical to ask ourselves questions such as ... exactly what does it consist of? Can I apply it from home? In what circumstances could it help my child? Next, we'll answer these three most typical questions with a brief summary and list of tips.

The main function of this type of therapeutic bandage for children, especially elastic, is to act on the muscles, in the case of Speech therapy the orofacial muscles (face, lips, tongue, neck, etc.), under two main objectives;

- Tone: When a musculature has low tone and is saggy and even flaccid, it can collaborate in its activation. Two frequent examples can be; gain strength in the lips by applying the taping as if it were a mustache or activating the movements of the tongue applying it just below the jaw, at the level of the tongue.

- Relax: When it has an excess of tone and is contracted and therefore with little movement, it can collaborate in its reduction of tone. Two frequent examples can be; relaxing tense shoulders and consequently altering neck and voice, or applying directly at the neck level to more directly relax the main organ of the voice, the larynx.

Once taping has been defined and the most common examples have been offered, we provide you with five essential tips that you should know if you begin to be interested in the application of this technique:

- It is important to remember that each and every one of the taping applications is recommended to be personalized, both in exact sizes for the measurement of the child and for the force and direction when applied.

- It is recommended that you guide a accredited professional in Taping for Speech Therapists, since misuse or abuse of this technique may not produce the expected benefits.

- Hydrant cream should not be applied prior to application, although it is recommended to hydrate the area just when removing the bandage, since the taping is intense and can leave some small irritation.

- Taping can be applied for hours, designed to be able to shower, sleep and make everyday life with it.

- In order to prepare the tailored tapings and detail them properly, the use of scissors with precise cut and thus prevent the bandage from parading and thus losing its effect beforehand.

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