At what age can children go to school alone

How many school-age children do you see every morning going to school alone in Primary schools (6-9 years)? Surely you will answer me that few or none and I would not be surprised at your answer. In Spain there are sources that assure that 70 percent of children between 7 and 12 years old never go to school alone.

Obviously it can be for many reasons, but the main reason it is the fear that parents feel for danger that can exist in the streets and as a way of over protection they are accompanied until almost or well into Secondary Education. The remaining 30% of children start going to school between the ages of 9'4 and 12'6. Does it seem too early or too late for a child to start going to school alone?

In a way, it is normal for parents to be afraid to let their school-age children go to school alone since there is a lot of social psychosis due to so much bad news that we are bombarded with every day and that parents think that around the corner there is the danger that stalks your child, and although there are dangers, with this attitude only the correct development of autonomy is vetoed of the kids.

If children have school two hundred meters from home, they are likely to be more likely to go alone than if they have it in the next neighborhood (and better not to mention whether they should take the bus to get to school).

What is also true that the fact that the school is more or less close is a factor that contributes to parents accompanying their children, something they are willing to do as I told you until it is necessary, as is usual in all parents and in every mother. But you also have to think about the autonomy of the boys.

Between 8 and 12 years old, boys and girls have sufficient capacity to be able to function independently on the streets after having received a proper driver education and always under parental safety instructions, indicating risk areas and the best alternatives to get there.

This autonomy will not only depend on the age but also on the maturity of the child and the area in which they reside, in addition to the area where the school is, because if the school is 50km away it is difficult for the child to go unaccompanied of an adult because you will most likely have to go by car.

If you have school in the same town and it is possible that your child will go to school alone and you want him to, I recommend that the first leave autonomy with some supervision or recommend that he go to school in a group, but the moment we see that he is ready, it is time to trust him.

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