Breastfeeding in public is natural

Breastfeeding in public is natural

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Breastfeeding is one of the most beautiful experiences a woman can have after giving birth. It is a natural instinct, which appears spontaneously when everything is going well and comforts both the mother and her baby. And it is that when my son was born, I was so interested in his health that knowing that I was giving him my best made me feel like the happiest mother in the world.

I had a thorn in the way when my second son came into the world with the topic of breastfeeding. The first one, I couldn't breastfeed, I had problems. From that bitter feeling for not being able to offer my newborn the benefits of breast milk, I remade myself by prolonging the breastfeeding of my second child for eleven months.

For almost a year, I was breastfeeding my baby. As recommended by the WHO, initially exclusively for the first six months and on demand, and later as support for complementary feeding. In practice, I couldn't believe how easy it was to breastfeed. I, who had been carrying the bottles, the thermos and the milk powder dispenser everywhere, now I raised my shirt and everything solved. My milk was ready and at the ideal temperature just by uncovering my breast. My baby didn't have to wait or freak out while the bottle-making process lasted, because her food was ready instantly.

At that time, I had another child to attend to and follow his school schedules, meals, games in the playground, activities on the weekends and with breastfeeding everything was running smoothly. I never had a problem breastfeeding my child in public.

During these eleven months, I was in summer on the beach, in the mountains, in museums, at the homes of friends and family, in playgrounds, in beach bars, cafeterias, ice cream parlors and, many times, in my own car breastfeeding me. baby. No one ever told me that I could not breastfeed my baby in any of the places I have mentioned, although on occasions, I have felt uncomfortable due to a curious look, which stopped more than necessary observing the scene.

Breastfeeding in public places is a natural act, which should be seen as part of parenting and I am sorry that other moms have been censored for doing the same as me.

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