Benefits of playing with the baby in front of the mirror

Benefits of playing with the baby in front of the mirror

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It is one of the most important elements in the development of children during the first two years of age. Mirrors are part of us and thanks to them we can stimulate and get the child to achieve a basic development in self-knowledge.

In early childhood education, babies must develop three different areas or areas. Which have the same importance in the constant development of the child.

The three areas of child development are:

- Self knowledge. Where the child begins to be aware of himself, his abilities, possibilities ... In addition to creating a healthy image of himself.

- Knowledge of the environment: It consists of learning to relate to everything that surrounds them, family, toys, different environments ...

- The language: It is the party in charge of the child's communication, how he makes himself understood, gestures, moods ...

The mirror is directly related to the area of ​​self-knowledge. The use of the mirror for early childhood education is nothing new, already in the 30s, Dr. Jacques Lacan, presented a whole investigation relating the importance of mirrors in the development of children.

How do children see mirrors? The perception of mirrors will vary according to the age of the children.

Up to 6 months, when children see their image in a mirror, they do not associate it with themselves, giving it minimal importance, something else that is there, although if they interact with their image, it will not be to try to understand what is happening.

It is from 6 months of age that children begin to notice strange things in the mirror, such as, the image they are seeing, is very familiar to them (although the child until then is not able to recognize himself). The first reaction you will have when you recognize yourself will be a laugh and a satisfied face, as it happened when you discovered your feet. This reaction that the baby experiences is not continuous, since the baby only has an image in front of it and is not able to perceive it for what it is. With what will go from knowing yourself to seeing it as an image, constantly.

It is from 10 months when the child will begin to have much more interaction with the mirror, playing with his hands, sucking his own image, always resulting in a very satisfactory sensation.

The mirror phase lasts until 18 months or so, although the child will continue to enjoy looking in the mirror and playing gestures.

Thanks to these types of activities, the child is motivating the maturation of the brain, specifically with regard to perception and how it should process the information received. By recognizing the movements he performs, managing to improve coordination and precision in movements.

Looking in the mirror, causes the creation of his own ego, which stimulates the child to improve.

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