What Babies' Expressions Tell Us

What Babies' Expressions Tell Us

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How to understand babies through their gestures and expressions


If the baby has just discovered something he likes, he can express it in many ways: by laughing, clapping, or in this way, by opening his eyes wide and sticking his tongue out.

When the baby discovers something new that he does not quite understand, his face is a mix between the expression of shock and attention. He concentrates and uses all his senses to discover what he is seeing. You still don't know if you like it or not. The expression of the result will come later.

Babies dream from before they are born. Even in the womb, they have dreams. When they don't like dreams, they frown and show rejection. When dreams are sweet and you like them, your gesture becomes serene and happy. They smile and often raise or stretch their arms. It is the most perfect expression of peace.

When a baby is thinking, he looks up, or looks to the side, touches his ears, head or mouth. It is an expression of reflection that can be recognized very easily from very young babies.

One of the most basic needs of the baby is affection. A newborn needs protection, hugs and kisses. When the baby has that need met, he expresses it this way. The affective bond with the baby is essential for its development to be correct.

The baby's face can express satisfaction in many ways. During the game, if he laughs and 'invites' us to play the game, it is a sign that he is happy. Enjoy your moment of happiness and play with it. Through play, you will be learning many things.

There are reflex expressions that the baby learns from adults. Among them, the expression of mockery. If you stick your tongue out at a baby, he will try to imitate you. They are great imitators!

When a baby doesn't like what he eats, he frowns and closes his mouth a lot in protest. It is the expression of 'disgust'. It can be due to food or some texture of an object that was put in the mouth.

When a baby is surprised, they open their eyes and mouth wide and clench their fists. If you are caught by what surprises you, your gesture is one of joy. Babies express this feeling wonderfully.

Getting babies' attention is challenging for adults. They immediately get bored and look for something new that surprises them. When they finally find something that pleases them, they manifest it in this way. A mixture of joy and applause (with the look).

The cries of the baby are at first a great mystery for parents. But little by little they learn to interpret them. There are cries that express tiredness, others anger, and when the baby is newborn, they are usually related to some pain or feeling of cold, sleepy or discomfort.

When the baby's eyes close, he yawns nonstop and feels irritated and cries for no apparent reason, he is definitely sleepy. Many times, babies, when they want to sleep and cannot, complain and cry intermittently. Help him sleep and it will pass.

Babies are naturally curious. You are constantly discovering new things. When the baby wants to play, learn and discover, he expresses it in a thousand ways. One of them is this. But you can also laugh, wave your arms and legs, or make sounds as a wake-up call.

Babies dislike a lot of things too. When they do not like something, they usually express it through this funny pout, prior, many times, to crying or screaming.

Wide smile, bright eyes. The happy face on a baby is easily recognizable. They widen their eyes, raise their arms, laugh and smile. When content and happy, a baby expresses it with all his senses.

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