The baby does not want to sleep and escapes from the crib

A not uncommon situation is when, in the middle of the night, the baby does not want to sleep and escapes from the crib and huddles on the parents' bed like a bear in a cave.

That also happened to my daughter and I wonder: does the child want to sleep in a bed now or is it that he seeks refuge in his parents?

I believe that the habits and customs of children are like the waves of the sea, they come and go, depending on the season. When we think, for example, that they already eat everything, suddenly they start with "I don't" or "I don't want to." And so with everything.

Some specialists say that the child should not sleep in the parents' bed; others say that parents should attend to his cries and take him to sleep with them. I think it all depends on the child's temperament and with that you cannot generalize. There are children who need more attention than others. There are children more and less safe than others. And that must be considered.

To me, particularly, when my daughter started asking me for attention in the middle of the night, what I did was help her fall asleep again. At first she asked me for my arms, she cried for it, but I started to sing to her and pretend to be clueless, and that's how I convinced her to stay in her crib. Now that yes with great calm and tranquility, without transmitting stress or rush.

It was very hard at the beginning, I woke up at dawn, night after night, but in the end and with a lot of patience, I succeeded. If in the end everything is a matter of time, persistence and making the little ones feel safe. When I had my daughter, my mother gave me a great and very effective advice: in the education of children parents should think a lot before allowing them anything. What you allow them once, will have to do forever. ' I think she had a lot.

It is very common that, once you decide to take the baby to your bed, it will be much more difficult for the little one to go back to sleep in his room. I only allowed my daughter to come to our bed on very specific occasions, when she was ill or when she was afraid, for example.

It is very nice to have them in our midst, to feel their smell, their warmth, they are irresistible! But I think we must consider that it is also our role to educate the children's sleep, help them overcome their difficulties, etc. The sleep routine is very effective in this regard, from when it is carried out with patience and perseverance, and understanding the baby's limitations.

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