Guidelines for Children's Summer Review Homework

Once the classes end and the summer holidays begin for the children, a period of freedom begins, breaking the rules and their routines. Children tend to go to bed later, eat late, and carry out activities such as traveling abroad, going to the beach, going to camps, going to the pool, etc.

Although summer is a period of rest in which to enjoy and rest, it will be appropriate that from the age of 6 they can perform certain revision tasks for children in summer, even in a light and playful way so that they do not miss part of the knowledge acquired during the year.

Studies have shown that their learning rhythm breaks down in this period of time. Especially what was learned in math and spelling subjects because these skills are not usually practiced outside of school.

It should be taken into account that at very early ages when children go to nursery school and even when they are in the first cycle of primary education and objectives and curricular competencies have been reached, it is advisable not to do any homework during the summer.

In the stages after primary education, if the school year has been satisfactory, it will be important that the tasks focus on writing and reading in a playful way. With a quarter of an hour a day, two or three days a week will be enough to reinforce comprehension reading and spelling.

When it is necessary to reinforce the child because he has not achieved the proposed objectives, you should find moments during the summer in which to carry out the review assignments due to learning gaps there has been during the year. In any case, these review activities should never be long or tedious. As the academic demands increase and the objectives are not met, more time of the summer vacation will have to be allocated to study.

It is not about having children 'punished' all summer studying. You will have to organize the time so that you do not lose the habit of studying and, depending on your age, spend enough time to review what they have acquired during the course.Before you will have to leave a week or two of rest. Take a trip, go to a camp, etc.

When preparing to carry out revision tasks, the following must be taken into account:

  • That parents have a positive attitude towards the child's learning.
  • The best time to do the review will be first thing in the morning. Children are more rested and also the temperature is more ideal.
  • Avoid books and materials used during the year. Try to be more creative and not so conventional.
  • To review the reading it will be necessary to use books that are adapted to the child's age and are attractive to him. Also writing letters to a friend or family member can be a good activity.
  • To review the writing, propose creative tasks such as the child making a diary that includes drawings or photos.
  • It is also important to review math. Using new technologies, going shopping, etc. they are creative ways to review.

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